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■ If you can do this, you will be a full-fledged person! How to become a professional secretary?

■ If you can do this, you will be a full-fledged person! How to become a professional secretary?

"Secretary" work that can be said to be representative of working women. There are many people who look up to the actress who plays the dashing secretary in dramas and commercials! I can do my work quickly and finish it before the boss gives me instructions... what should I do to become such a secretary?



■What is the job content of a secretary?

Secretaries are required to efficiently handle a wide range of tasks to support their superiors. The main duties of a secretary are schedule management, preparation of materials, reception of visitors, miscellaneous affairs, etc. Managing the boss's schedule is one of the main duties of the secretary, and she adjusts the schedule so that the boss can work efficiently. It is necessary to construct a schedule appropriately while considering which work should be prioritized. In addition, making arrangements for business trips is part of the work of the secretary. Next, the secretary prepares materials for the boss to use at the meeting and thank-you notes for the midsummer gift. You may be asked to proofread a document written by your boss. Secretarial duties include reception and guidance of visitors and answering telephone calls. You need to be polite to visitors and try to use the correct language on the phone. The secretary will also decide whether to report to the boss or handle it himself. In addition, I do all kinds of miscellaneous tasks so that my boss can work efficiently, such as organizing the office, filing information, and arranging telegrams.


■ What skills are required for a secretary?

In order to perform the aforementioned tasks accurately, the secretary must acquire various skills. First of all, computer skills are essential. In addition to basic computer skills such as searching the Internet and replying to emails, you will also need to be familiar with handling Office software used when creating documents. Communication skills are also an important skill for a secretary. If the secretary communicates easily with the people around them, human relations inside and outside the company will be smoother, and the boss will be able to work more easily. If you have a secretary who behaves cheerfully at all times, your boss will be impressed. Also, the ability to concisely report only important things is important so as not to waste the time of a busy boss. And, of course, secretaries are also required to have basic business manners. As a secretary, you're working with top-notch people, so don't be rude. Keep a bright smile on your face and try to interact in a moderate manner. In addition, foreign-affiliated companies may require language skills.


■ Are there few new graduates in the first place?

What is required of a secretary in a company is business etiquette and appropriate judgment above all else. A secretary can also be the face of a company, such as assisting and supporting executives, and sometimes greeting customers on behalf of the executive, so it is necessary to have appropriate social skills and business etiquette. It is also important to have the ability to adapt and respond calmly when sudden problems arise. These are things that are cultivated in the actual work. Therefore, new graduates joining junior colleges, vocational schools, and universities are rarely assigned as secretaries. If you are a new graduate, you will either be assigned to the secretarial department as a clerical job instead of a secretary, or after experiencing social experience and various duties in other departments, you will be assigned to the secretarial department based on your wishes and aptitude. It is common to be assigned directly as an executive secretary.


■ What about mid-career hires?

If a company is looking for secretarial work mid-career, it will of course be considered whether or not you have secretarial experience, but experience in departments that have a lot of contact with the outside, such as general affairs, sales, and reception, will also be considered. prize. Also, how you respond during job interviews is important. The officer who recruits the secretary may have a final interview, and at this time, the compatibility with the interviewer, suitability, etc. may be directly seen. In addition, even mid-career hires who wish to be assigned to a secretary within the company should apply after gaining experience in departments close to the executive office, such as general affairs and personnel affairs, and will be selected as a secretary after an internal evaluation. You may be assigned a job.


■ Advantageous in exams such as the secretarial skills test!

It is rare for new graduates and inexperienced secretaries to get a secretary job directly, but having qualifications such as the secretarial skills test may be a shortcut to becoming a secretary. Passing the secretarial skills test means that you have learned the work and business manners of a secretary, so even if you have no practical experience, you have the skills to do so. If you have a chance to take the secretarial skills test at a junior college or secretarial/business vocational school, it will be worth the challenge. Secretarial work is also a substitute for the executive who represents the company, and it is a very rewarding job that requires the ability to respond on the spot. Just because you don't have work experience doesn't mean you have to give up. Improve yourself and pass qualifications such as the secretarial skills test to show off your knowledge and passion for secretarial work!


■What is the reward of being a secretary?

The rewarding job of a secretary is being able to help important people involved in the management of a company. Since you are working for an important person who you would normally not be involved with, you may easily feel that you are contributing to the company as well. There will also be many opportunities for your boss to directly thank you for your work. And while working as a secretary with first-class people, you naturally acquire first-class business manners and behavior. You may be entrusted with urgent tasks by your boss or deal with unexpected situations, so you should be able to cultivate the ability to respond flexibly. One of the great rewards of being a secretary is that you can steadily improve your skills and abilities through work. You will also be able to use the skills you have learned on the job to advance your career.


■What's the big deal about becoming a secretary?

The difficult part of secretarial work is that it is a prerequisite to work according to the type of boss. The secretary must work in tandem while supporting the boss, and must adapt to the way the boss works. If your boss stays late at night, you may need to work overtime with him. In addition, the secretary is required to quickly detect what the boss wants and to prepare ahead of time. Until you know your boss's type, it will be difficult to make things easier for you to work with and to plan the timing of reporting. Another important aspect of secretarial work is the need to ensure confidentiality. The secretary has many opportunities to know the company's confidential information, so it is necessary to be careful not to inadvertently leak the information to the outside.


■ What are the characteristics of a person who is suitable for a secretary?

People who are suitable for secretaries have common characteristics, so it is a good idea for those who aim to be secretaries to check whether they apply to themselves. First of all, a person who can pay close attention is suitable for a secretary. It is the secretary's job to always consider the surrounding environment so that the boss can work comfortably. An excellent secretary can only be said to be able to anticipate and provide what the boss wants. Good communication skills are also important qualities for a secretary. If the secretary communicates with the people around him and conveys information smoothly, the boss will be more comfortable working. In addition, a bright and easy-to-speak secretary will give a good impression to your business partners. Next, people who can devote themselves to support are also suitable for secretaries. The secretary's job is to support the boss behind the scenes, not to step forward and play an active role. If you're willing to work behind the scenes and do your job well, you should be able to work as a secretary. On the other hand, if you can't stand being the main character, you won't be suitable as a secretary.



■ Steady effort is important to become a secretary!

Many people dream of becoming a secretary, but it is not an easy job for everyone. In order to support your boss, you need to perform a wide range of tasks, and various skills such as communication skills and computer skills are required. There are many difficult situations, but you should feel a great sense of fulfillment in the work of supporting important people in the company. Please try to be an excellent secretary by making steady efforts.





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