Credit policy

We have adopted the basic policy of TransACT's credit risk management business as the "TransACT Credit policy" and will practice and comply with it.



■TransACT will comply with laws and regulations in providing comprehensive human resource services to customers, and will endeavor to practice proper credit that is trusted by customers.

■In practicing proper credit, TransACT strives to provide human resource services according to the situation of the customer by grasping the content of the request from the customer, judging the validity of the request, confirming the intention of the contract, etc.

■When transacting with customers, TransACT aims for fair transactions and the sound development of the human resources service industry by grasping the actual conditions of the customers, and conducts rigorous examinations not only for new transactions but also for ongoing transactions. We will strive for operation.

■When providing human resource services, TransACT strives to maintain and improve appropriate credit by separating the sales department and credit risk management department and mutually controlling them.

■TransACT aims to maximize corporate value by optimizing credit management by quantifying credit risk using statistical methods.

■Through the operation of Credit policy, TransACT will deeply recognize corporate social responsibility and contribute to improving customer service satisfaction.

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