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■ What are the benefits of introducing a secretary?

■ What are the benefits of introducing a secretary?

Many business owners wonder whether or not they should hire a secretary. The reason why you can't make up your mind easily is because you don't understand the benefits of having a secretary. A secretary is very important for the smooth running of business. In this article, I will explain what kind of benefits will be born by hiring a secretary.



1.Benefits of introducing a secretary

What kind of impact does having a secretary actually have? Here are some of the benefits of hiring a secretary.


1-1. You can concentrate on your main business

Determining corporate policies and talking with executives of business partners are the “main duties” that only managers can perform. However, busy managers have various clerical work other than the main business. If you have a secretary, you can entrust the secretary with work that the manager does not have to do directly. This creates an environment in which managers can concentrate only on their main business. As a result, decision-making, which forms the basis of management, will be smoother. Depending on the secretary's ability, you may be entrusted with all aspects of complicated procedures, preparation of materials and documents, schedule management, etc. Managers don't get bogged down in unnecessary things and focus only on important tasks. The efficiency of the main business is increased, and it is possible to have a positive impact on the entire company.


1-2. Oversee miscellaneous affairs

In essence, it is the manager's responsibility to manage miscellaneous affairs. In addition to managing schedules, answering phone calls and emails, and creating various documents, there are a wide variety of miscellaneous tasks. In addition to business, miscellaneous tasks include telegrams for condolence and auspicious occasions, preparation of gifts, planning of ceremonies, and communication with business partners. However, it is very stressful to handle such a large number of miscellaneous tasks on the side of the main work. Therefore, there are not a few managers who have their secretaries supervise miscellaneous affairs. A good secretary can do more than just sort out miscellaneous affairs, it can even do quality checks. The secretary assigns miscellaneous tasks to the right person in the right place and produces the same results as the manager himself while giving accurate instructions. As a result, the communication costs that the management had to bear will be reduced.


1-3. Become a partner in management and business

Business owners sometimes feel lonely that they have no one to talk to about their business troubles. Even executives are subordinates to managers, so it is not uncommon for them to be unable to speak frankly. However, the secretary is preoccupied with communication with the individual manager. Since it is not a position that belongs to a hierarchical relationship or faction of the company, the manager does not have to feel tied up. In addition, you can feel free to ask for advice because you can rest assured that confidentiality will be maintained. If a manager has a secretary as a business or project collaborator, she can get an objective opinion. Secretaries have nothing to do with career advancement in the company, so they may give you blunt advice. In the meantime, the secretary will become a familiar understanding of the management.


1-4.It will improve the image of your boss and the company.

A secretary is a job that reduces the burden on managers and officers and supports them. Hiring a secretary you can trust will make it easier for you to delegate the most responsible tasks. If the secretary can handle miscellaneous tasks that were supposed to be done by the manager himself, the efficiency of internal work will be realized. Projects that have stopped due to the busyness of managers will be able to move smoothly. In addition, managers can communicate directly with important business partners outside the company. If these influences continue, the impression of management will improve both inside and outside the company. Ultimately, the image of the company will improve, which will lead to more customers and profits.



A secretary is an essential support role for improving work efficiency.

For managers and executives, a secretary is an important presence to concentrate on the main business. It also plays an important role when you want to streamline your company's operations. If you're wondering whether or not to hire a secretary, think positively. Plus, if you want to keep costs down, online assistants are a great option. You can hire a highly experienced secretary at a low price, and the handover after retirement is smooth.





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