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■The stress of a hard-to-understand president! What are the two ways to resolve

■The stress of a hard-to-understand president! What are the two ways to resolve

Employees aren't the only ones feeling stressed. The president is also worried and depressed, but the reality is that people around him do not understand much. When you're stressed, you may be wondering how other presidents are dealing with it. In this article, we will introduce the standard things about the stress of the president and explain in detail how to relieve it.



1. Stress that CEOs tend to have

Even if you are the president, basically the points of concern are the same as those of ordinary employees. Problems with people and work are often the source of stress. Here, we will introduce the stress that presidents tend to have from the two points of view.


1-1. Concerns about “people”

Even if you say employees in a bite, there are various personalities and work stances. Therefore, it is not easy for the president to build good relationships with all employees. It would be easier if everyone obediently followed, but in reality there are cases where instructions are ignored. In addition, employee concerns often cause stress, such as bad language and attitude, and hiding and slacking off. Also, even if you want to solve your worries, it is not uncommon that there is no one in the company to consult because you are in a special position as a manager. Feeling lonely can also add to your stress.


1-2. Concerns about company management such as business and money

The president's job is to run the company, and he has a lot of authority. Employees tend to think that there is less stress because they can speak and make decisions freely. But with power comes great responsibility that determines the fate of the company. There are many cases in which you are constantly worried about future business development and cash flow, which are directly linked to stress. Also, many of the president's jobs don't produce immediate results, so it's often stressful to take time. For example, it may take three years to launch a project, and it may take more than a year just to change an internal system.


2. How to relieve the stress of the president?

Left unchecked, stress can take a toll on your health and your business. Even while doing the busy president's work, it is necessary to solve it well. As a means to do so, I will explain two types of methods, one that can be done during work and another.


2-1.Dedicate yourself to your work without trying to be liked by employees

If you want to reduce stress at work, it's important to change your perception of your employees. If you try to be liked, you will be worried that you can not make it come true. The purpose of a company hiring employees is to make a profit, and the purpose of employees is to receive a salary in return for their contributions. No matter how good human relations and outstanding teamwork are, it is meaningless if there is no profit. It is important to consider that the relationship with the employee is strictly contractual. If you focus on your work, you won't have to worry about human relationships, which will lead to stress relief.


2-2. Change your mood even for a short time

Even if you think you are busy, you can find a lot of time that you can use for things other than work if you look for it. It's hard to set aside hours, but it's not hard to keep up with things like reading or playing games between errands. If you're in a quiet place, even just a little sleep or meditation can help you relax. Such a change of mood is a great merit that not only can you relieve stress, but you can also refresh your head. When you have a clear head, it becomes easier to do your work smoothly, which creates a positive cycle that makes it easier to create free time. By successfully turning this cycle, it is possible to live a stress-free life.



Having a strong self makes an unwavering heart

If you want to reduce stress, you must understand its causes, prevent them, and manage them in an effective way. In the case of presidents, they are often in a state of restlessness, always thinking about their employees and work. Therefore, you need to make time to focus on yourself and set aside time to relax. If you want to make this a reality, consider hiring a chauffeur or a secretary to ease the administrative burden.





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