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■ The six features common to those who are successful as managers! ?

■ The six features common to those who are successful as managers! ?

Do you know the six characteristics that people who are successful as managers have? Even if it looks different, it has a common feature for excellent managers. This article describes six behavioral patterns common to successful people. All of them can be customary, so let's practice them immediately.



1. Execute with a sense of speed with the essence

First of all, good managers are quick to judge and make things. I look through the essence of things and act not only in the current situation but also in the future. Specifically, I am strongly conscious of determining the deadline and reliably solving it, not at the level of having a problem awareness of the task. Even if a crisis occurs, if you deal with a sense of speed, you should be able to minimize damage. The shortcut to success is to think about what the priority is from various themes and do what you need to do instead of what you want to do.


2. Passion and high ambition

Next, successful managers always have dreams, goals, and high aspirations. Of course, as a manager, you have to think about making money, but just raising sales targets will not come with employees. Have as many dreamy visions as possible how you want to make a contribution to society through the company's business. It is also important to actively disseminate your vision from the mouth of the manager, both inside and outside the company, and to enhance the brand's brand power. If you have a high desire, you will be willing to get over it, even if there is a task in the current situation, and employees will work together to cooperate.


3. There is a sense of numbers and you can use money rationally

Strong cost awareness is indispensable for business development. Successful people may imagine a person who has a lot of branded goods and lives a gorgeous life, but actual successes hate wasted investment. Instead, we will spare to invest in what we have determined to be a self -investment or that it will lead to achievements. It is also a feature of excellent managers that the goals can be specifically talked about in numerical values, and the company can quantitatively show the current situation and future of the company.


4. In attractive humanity and high communication skills

It is also a necessary element for managers who are attractive as a person and to attract people. People who can communicate smoothly with any partner will naturally gather people. In fact, successful managers continue to actively expand their personal connections. It is also a major feature that it emphasizes communication between the face, not the phone or email. I understand what the relationship of trust created by actually meeting and talking is important in business.


5. I always work and keep learning

Successful managers are not satisfied with the status quo and are working on self -development every day. I am very eager to study, such as reading in a busy schedule and collecting information from news. Some people get up early in the morning and have time to study. I will spare to invest in learning. It is also important to listen not only from managers and seniors, but also from on -site employees and customers, and are greedy to find hints for improvement. As a result, you can promote your business from a more multifaceted perspective.


6. I have high management skills and secure my own time

Finally, successful managers value their time. For excellent managers, the judgment of "doing" and "not doing" at work is quick and accurate. You don't have to take your own command on site because you have a high management skills to move your subordinates. Therefore, you can secure your time even if you are busy. As a result, you can aim for further business expansion, such as planning a new strategy and expanding your personal connections at that time.



■ What are the common features of failed managers?

Like successful managers, some failures have some commonalities. If you know the features introduced here, try to improve and reduce the risk of failure.

One of the features of the failed managers is that they are aiming only to pursue profits. Of course, pursuit of profits is not a bad company, as the company is the significance of the company. However, businesses sometimes get on the waves and sometimes not. If you only want to pursue profits, your mind will break when your business does not go well. It is the excellent manager's attitude to raise their own aspirations as the highest priority and to realize their aspirations.

Second, managers who have no decision will be at risk of failing. The most important job for managers is to decide. You can leave it to an employee or outside if it is another job, but the final decision can only be made by the manager. Being responsible for all results, it is also necessary for managers to make decisions.

Working while suffering is a bad sign for managers. Basically, successful managers have a business in their favorite fields. This is because the amount of heat that you originally have is very important in order to raise your aspirations and get enthusiastic about your work. It is also a disadvantage that there is no human resource that gives advice and support around you. It is necessary for managers to listen to the stories of familiar people who will tell you about the business and are always trying to grow.


■ How many are the characteristics of a successful manager?

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