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■What skills do you need for your secretary?

■What skills do you need for your secretary?

As a manager, you may want to have a secretary soon. However, few people understand what kind of ability is needed for secretary. This article introduces the skills and qualifications required for your secretary. These should be a criterion for hiring a secretary, so why not refer to it?



1. Skills required for secretary

Can you specifically imagine the skills you need for your secretary? From here, we will introduce four particularly important skills for promoting secretary work.


1-1. Communication ability

The secretary needs to be able to respond to any partner because he has the opportunity to engage with various people in different positions. Specifically, the basics are to be fair and sincere to everyone, treat with a smile, and clearly convey the necessary information to the other party. In addition, thorough toughness is also important because employees usually touch confidential information, such as personnel changes in executive classes, such as personnel changes in executive classes. Because they may be contacted or negotiated on behalf of the superior, those who can build a good relationship with a wide range of opponents are suitable for the secretary.


1-2. Scheduleing ability

The scheduling ability required for a secretary is a skill that can respond to the sudden changes in a sudden change and to perform the necessary contacts and negotiations promptly to each other. This ability is cultivated by a wealth of experience. It is not unusual for an officer to have a day's schedule. The role of the secretary is to understand the whole picture of the schedule, prevent double booking, and take care to take a regular break. In addition, you must use office software and support online schedule management.


1-3. PC skills

Since the secretary is mainly desk work, it is assumed that basic personal computers such as email, Word, Excel, etc. can be performed. In addition, since you may be required to create presentation materials used in conferences, you also need to apply Word and Excel application skills and use PowerPoint skills. In addition, if you can do a blind touch that is indispensable for improving work efficiency, it will be a strong appeal.


1-4. English skills

In the case of a foreign -affiliated secretary, it is often required to meet in English or make an email, so English communication skills are also required. There are a number of tests and skills that support English proficiency, but TOEIC is the most persuasive. The TOEIC is frequently conducted and can be taken as many times as you want. If you have a TOEIC high score, you can judge that you have the level of English reading skills and listening skills at the level of business.


2. Qualification that secretary wants to have

Now that you understand the practical skills required of your secretary, here are two qualifications that are useful for secretary work.


2-1. Secretary certification

A secretary certification is a qualification to evaluate general manners, telephone response power, conference preparation and document creation skills in addition to understanding the secretary work. It is divided into four stages: 1st, semi -first, second grade, and third grade in order of high difficulty. As a member of society, it is more than 2nd grade that you can evaluate that you have a business manner that can be used in the office. If you become a secretary of the director or the head of the headquarters, you need a higher -ranking test.


2-2. CBS test

The CBS certification is a qualification that uses both Japanese and English, and aims to develop human resources who can perform secretary duties globally. It is widely recognized as a qualification to prove the ability to be an office professional who has both English and Japanese practical processing skills and excellent humanity. It is an essential qualification for those who want to be a foreign secretary. As the company's globalization is progressing, the need for bilingual secretary is growing.



If you have a secretary with various skills, you can aim for a significant work efficiency

Did you understand the skills and qualifications you need for your secretary? The secretary has the ability to support the efficiency of business owners and executives. In particular, hiring a secretary with a wide range of skills can aim for a great deal of work efficiency, and managers can concentrate on their own work. If you are at a loss, why not hire a secretary at this opportunity?





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