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■What should I do about the education of drivers?

■What should I do about the education of drivers?

Automobile operators must provide guidance and supervision to their drivers in various aspects. Above all, safety education, which further raises awareness of safety, is very important, and is being carried out by many transportation companies. This article introduces how driver safety education can be implemented for those who instruct and supervise drivers.



1. Accident rate is decreasing due to safety education

Safety education for drivers has increased safety awareness, and the accident rate has decreased. There are various causes of accidents, such as impatience, carelessness, and blind spots in the driver's seat. Trucks with a high cab are thought to have better visibility, but trucks actually have more blind spots than passenger cars. Therefore, if the truck neglects safety checks, it may lead to a serious accident. In addition, some drivers drive too fast out of a rush to get the job done quickly, causing serious accidents.

By providing safety education, drivers can learn that trucks can be weapons and the importance of thorough safety checks. Raising the safety awareness of drivers themselves leads to the prevention of traffic accidents. In particular, introducing the tragedy of truck accidents and providing near-miss education are useful in raising safety awareness.


2. Contents of safety education

In this paragraph, we will introduce four aspects of safety education: prevention of dangerous driving, prevention of drunken driving, thorough self-management, and responses to accidents and troubles.


2-1.Prevention of dangerous driving

Dangerous driving includes "tilt driving," which causes the car in front of you to drive, "speeding," which is speeding without following the legal speed limit, and "inattentive driving," which is driving while looking away. In particular, trucks running with cargo may not be able to turn sharply even if they suddenly try to avoid danger, which may lead to an accident due to loss of control of the vehicle. Safety education points out such dangers and provides education to prevent dangerous driving.


2-2.Prevention of Drunk Driving

When you drink alcohol, you are less able to process information, pay attention, and make better decisions than when you are not drinking. As a result, they may not be able to make correct decisions immediately, and even if they notice danger, they may react slowly. Safety education also includes education about how long it takes for people to make sound decisions after drinking alcohol. We aim to eradicate drunk driving by teaching the dangers of drunk driving.


2-3.Thorough self-management

Freight car accidents often occur due to poor physical condition. Therefore, in safety education, you can also learn the importance of physical condition management and how to do it. It is important to pay attention to food and sleep on a daily basis and stay healthy, and to prevent fatigue from accumulating in daily work and causing poor physical condition. In safety education, we enlighten drivers to prevent accidents caused by poor physical condition as much as possible.


2-4. Response to accidents and troubles

In the unlikely event of an accident or trouble, it is necessary to take appropriate action quickly. In safety education, you will also receive education on how to wait so as not to block traffic and how to spend your time while waiting. By ensuring your own safety and preventing traffic obstruction as much as possible, you will be able to deter the occurrence of secondary accidents.


3. Company efforts are also necessary

Safety education requires not only the efforts of drivers, but also the proactive efforts of the company. For example, overwork of drivers due to long working hours is a problem not only for drivers but also for companies. Therefore, not only drivers but also companies need to receive safety training. If there is a shortage of drivers, the work of the drivers will inevitably be burdened. The company is required to take measures such as hiring new people to ensure that the driver's schedule is not overcrowded.



Consider dispatch drivers who have undergone safety training

Safety education that raises safety awareness throughout the company is essential, but if you try to do it in-house, it costs money. At the Transact Group, we not only provide driver safety education, but also introduce excellent human resources with high qualifications. If you are looking for a driver, why not consider dispatch drivers who have received thorough safety training.





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