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■Working hours that managers must know! Are you protected?

■Working hours that managers must know! Are you protected?

It is important for management to improve the company's performance, but it is also necessary to consider employees. One of them is working hours. Management must understand and protect the working hours of employees. In this article, we will explain the labor standards that the manager should know, and also introduce the rules for overtime and rules for each system.



1. Working hours of the Labor Standards Law

Even a company with good performance is not allowed to have employees work long -term. Employee overwork death is a problem, and as a result, there are cases where the company is to be involved in the survival of the company. The Labor Standards Law stipulates that management should not work more than 40 hours a day, eight hours a day, as a general rule. If you work more, you must pay an extra wage. The wages for working hours, 8 hours a day, more than 40 hours a week, are calculated by "overtime hours (hours) x wages per hour (yen unit) x 1.25".


2. If you have overtime, a report of 36 agreements is required

In many cases, the company's managers have been working overtime, despite being determined that employees should not work more than 40 hours a week, more than 40 hours a week. In fact, under the Labor Standards Law, if the manager reports 36 agreements to the Labor Standards Director, the employees can work overtime, that is, overtime. On top of that, you must pay the extra wages mentioned above. The 36 agreements include the content of the content that the employees work beyond the statutory time beyond the statutory time, and the content must be concluded with the union or employee representatives in advance.

If the manager asks employees to work overtime (overtime) without submitting a 36 agreement, they will violate the Labor Standards Law. Penalties have been imprisoned for less than 6 months or fines of 300,000 yen or less. Even if you pay overtime, if you do not report the 36 agreements, it will be a violation, so be careful.


3. Rules of working hours by system

Employee working hours are one of the important items to learn. There are various things in Japan's working hours system. From now on, we will introduce four labor systems.


3-1. Flext time

Until now, many companies have decided on employee working hours in many companies, but the work style that allows employees to determine their work and start hours is called flextime. Unlike the past, it is a system that has been established that various formats are needed in the way of working because the number of people's lives has increased. A major feature of flextime is that the introduction can work beyond the legal working hours of 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. The liquidation period within one month and the total working hours within that period are determined in advance.

If you do not exceed the contract time within the settlement period, you can work more than 8 hours a day or more than 40 hours a week. Management does not need to pay overtime allowance to employees who work more than 8 hours a day within this period. Since you can set the working hours freely, it has the advantage that mothers and others can easily adjust child care. However, it is necessary to be careful because if you do not properly manage yourself, you may not be able to work.


3-2. Intracting labor system

Among the various tasks, there are cases where it is better to leave the method of execution and time allocation to employees, such as the development of new products and new technology and the design of information processing systems. In such a case, a good system to introduce is the discretionary labor system. Until now, it was usually to pay an extra wage if the manager decides working hours and overtime work is performed. However, in the discretionary labor system, it is considered that he worked for a certain period of time, regardless of the time he actually worked on a specific work. If there is time exceeding the statutory working hours as working hours, not working hours, the company will pay extra wages.


3-3. Manager

Managers (managers) must work and work for the company regardless of time or holidays. This is because there is a condition that you can freely decide your work hours yourself and have a very high salary than other employees, and have the right to be close to the manager. It is not recognized as a legal manager (management supervisor) if any of the three conditions, such as not having the authority to decide on their own working hours. In that case, the company is obliged to pay overtime pay.


3-4. Deformed working hours system

Taxis and truck drivers have a prosperity and off -season, and there are cases where working hours increase or decrease. The best thing for these occupations is the deformed working hours system. This is a way of working that does not require overtime work by adjusting working hours in a month or one year. Even in this case, if the owner works beyond working hours determined by the law, he must pay overtime.



Let's manage the labor standards well

As labor forms are diversified, managers must understand each system and manage the correct labor standard environment. Management is required to determine everything about the business itself and the fund distribution, and to improve the working environment for employees. First of all, why not hire a driver or secretary to improve your own working environment?





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