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■Drivers back pain is applied to industrial accident?

■Driver's back pain is applied to industrial accident?

Drivers are prone to back pain because they are basically sitting while working. The odds are even higher when it comes to long-distance drivers who run 10 hours or more. If back pain is followed by industrial accidents, there should be many drivers who will be saved. In this article, we will explain whether driver's back pain is applicable to industrial accidents, and also introduce how to prevent back pain.



1. Driver's back pain is covered by industrial accident

As a premise, let's first know that driver's back pain is subject to industrial accident. The diseases covered by industrial accident insurance are determined based on Article 35 of the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Labor Standards Act. Among them, "work in an unnatural working posture that places an excessive burden on the lower back" is mentioned. In other words, the job of a driver is recognized as a job that is likely to cause back pain. Naturally, the back pain of truck drivers who run long distances is also covered. If you injure your back while working and you can prove that it is related to your work, you will probably be covered by industrial accident insurance.

However, be careful if you already have a chronic disease such as a lumbar disc herniation before you start working. If you have a bad back from the beginning, you may be suspected of a causal relationship with your work. In the worst case, you may not be covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.


2. Cases of low back pain eligible for workers' compensation

In order to receive worker's compensation, you must meet the content stipulated in the "Certification Criteria for Occupational Back Pain". The “certification criteria for work-related low back pain” are mainly divided into two patterns. One is "lower back pain caused by a disaster." This is when back pain is caused by a sudden event such as an accident during work. In this pattern, even if a worker has back pain from the beginning, it will be covered by industrial accident compensation insurance if the cause of the deterioration is medically recognized as an accident.

The other is "lower back pain not due to disaster-related causes." This is not an accident or injury, but applies when you have a bad back while continuing your work. Depending on the length of work, the burden of labor, etc., the degree of acceptance will change. For both patterns, the condition is that the relationship between work and back pain is recognized. Getting an accurate diagnosis from a doctor is the key to making an informed decision.


3. Contents of compensation that can be received

If the cause of back pain is recognized as work-related, treatment costs will be covered. In addition to medical expenses, compensation for absence from work, injury and disease compensation, disability compensation, etc. will also be covered. If you receive treatment at a hospital designated for workers' compensation, you will be free immediately, but if you receive treatment at a hospital other than a designated hospital for workers' compensation, you will have to pay for the cost. In that case, you will be billed for the cost of the treatment later.

Compensation for absence from work is a mechanism that allows you to receive a salary while you are unable to work due to back pain. However, you will not receive it from the first day. The condition is that you have been unable to work for four or more consecutive days, and the standard is about 60% of the basic daily benefit amount. Injury and disease compensation is applicable to cases where recovery is not recognized even after 1 year and 6 months have passed since the start of treatment, and the injury or disease is judged to be grade 1 to 3.


4. Back pain measures for drivers!

The first thing that can be given as a countermeasure against back pain is the way you sit. Sitting forward will put more strain on your lower back. Driving with your neck and back straight will reduce the strain on your lower back. The driver may take a resting position with his/her feet on the steering wheel. When taking a break in the car, it is preferable to use a bed as much as possible. The trick to dealing with back pain is to maintain the correct posture, so the cushion type that is laid underneath does not help with back pain. Try to use something that supports your posture, not a cushion.



It is important to prevent yourself

Driving is a profession that is prone to back pain. If the cause is your work, you can receive workers' compensation, but above all, it is important not to get back pain. The worse the back pain, the more difficult it is to return to work. In addition, there may be cases where the back pain does not heal completely and becomes a habit. It is important to always be conscious of your posture and try to drive in a way that does not cause back pain.





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