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■Will I be paid for waiting time? Commentary on how to work as an executive driver!

■Will I be paid for waiting time? Commentary on how to work as an executive driver!

Speaking of executive drivers, many people may have the image of receiving a high salary because they are private drivers. However, some people may be holding off on changing jobs because they are worried about how the waiting time will be handled and whether they will have to work on holidays. Therefore, here, we will explain the salaries of executive drivers while they are on standby and the treatment of working on holidays.



1. What is the job of an executive driver?

Officer drivers are drivers who pick up and drop off officers including the president who works for a specific company. In some cases, they are dispatched by taxi companies. Since people outside the company may be on board, the technical ability to drive according to the customer's needs is required. It is part of my job to learn etiquette and always remember to be considerate. Working hours should be aligned with the officer's schedule. Therefore, executive drivers often have to work on holidays and overtime.


2. How long do you drive in a day?

The amount of time an officer driver drives throughout the day is governed by the officer's schedule. First of all, the work of the day starts from picking up the officers at their homes. After sending the officer to the company, it is waiting time until the officer finishes the work. As soon as the officer's business is over, I will run the car to the officer's house again. The driving time will also vary depending on how far the executive's house is from the company. In general, it seems that it will be about 2 to 4 hours driving per day. When an officer goes to a business partner, it is necessary to pick up and drop off to the visiting place. When traveling on a long-distance business trip, we may need to pick you up at the airport or station, so the driving time will be longer depending on the pick-up location.


3. Wait time is break time?

Officer drivers must stand by while officers are on duty. All hours other than operating hours are waiting times. Therefore, it is common for executive drivers to wait for 5 to 7 hours while driving for 2 to 4 hours a day. Including break time, it will be restricted to 9 hours a day. I don't have time to spend the waiting time freely, so I use the time to check the executives' schedules and clean and maintain the car. It is important to prepare carefully so that executives and business partners can ride with peace of mind.

In addition, wages will be incurred even when the driver is not driving, so we conduct preliminary research so that we can always provide high-quality service while we are waiting. If an officer visits a business partner, know the route to the business partner. Remember the back roads and shortest routes in case of an accident or traffic jam. If officers have lunch on the move, it is also important to find out what restaurants are available along the way.

Basically, it is not necessary for the executive driver to actively talk to you, but when you are spoken to by an executive, you need to answer accurately. Therefore, I check on a daily basis so that I can respond to topics such as traffic information, weather, and social conditions so that I can talk to you at any time. Even if you are given a topic you don't understand, you need the ability to have a conversation. It is also the duty of the executive driver to make sure that the atmosphere in the car is good so that the executives can work comfortably.


4. Do you have designated working hours?

The working hours of executive drivers are the same as those of general employees, and the basic working hours are determined. Therefore, it is not a commission system like a taxi driver, so it can be said that there are many cases where you can get a stable monthly salary. However, although working hours are fixed, there are many cases where executives ask for pick-up and drop-off outside working hours. We are asked to pick up and drop off even on holidays and at night for entertainment with business partners and errands. In the case of overtime work, overtime pay, late-night pay, and holiday pay will be paid separately. However, in the case of intermittent work such as executive drivers, the employer can exempt the application of overtime work by obtaining permission from the administrative agency. For this reason, some companies are exempted from the obligation to pay overtime and holiday allowances, so there are cases where no allowances other than late-night allowances are paid.



The work of an officer driver is intermittent!

We have touched on how executive drivers work, but have you been able to deepen your understanding of the work system and salary? It can be said that executive drivers often work intermittently because pick-up and drop-off times vary. Therefore, it is important to check whether overtime work is permitted or not. If you are a service that dispatches drivers "Transact", you can work as an executive driver with good treatment.





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