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■What is the average sleep time for executive drivers?

■What is the average sleep time for executive drivers? Even the tips to adjust the rhythm of life a

Some people want to work as an executive driver, but wonder how much sleep they can get. Even if you sleep less, you can adjust your daily rhythm. Here, we will explain the reasons why the average sleep time and sleep time are shortened based on the rules of rest time and rest time for truck drivers for comparison. We will also introduce how to improve the quality of sleep, so please use it for health management.



1. Driver's break time and rest time

Break times and rest times for drivers are stipulated by the Labor Standards Act. First, the driver's restraint time consists of driving time and rest time. The purpose of taking proper breaks is to relieve fatigue from long hours of driving and prevent accidents. It is mandatory to take a break of at least 30 minutes after driving for 4 hours in order to take proper rest. Also, it's okay to take breaks of 10 minutes or more at a time. In other words, if the total break time is 30 minutes or more when the restraint time is divided into 4 and a half hours, it can be said that the rule is being followed. The basic detention time is 13 hours, but it can be extended up to a maximum of 16 hours. However, restraint exceeding 15 hours is limited to twice a week, and an average of 2 days is 9 hours or less.

Also note the rule that the average driving time per week is no more than 44 hours. Since the average is calculated once every two weeks, it prevents the concentration of labor in a short period of time. On the other hand, rest time refers to the free time between the end of one shift and the next shift. Use it for meals and sleep to recover your physical strength for the next shift. Normally, one rest period is stipulated to be 8 hours or more in a row, but as an exception, it is allowed to take breaks. In the case of split rests, each rest period must be at least 4 hours and the total rest must be at least 10 hours. In this way, there are detailed rules for driver's driving time, break time, and rest time. Follow the rules and try to manage your physical condition, including sleep.


2. Average hours of sleep for truck drivers and reasons

The working style of a truck driver will be divided into two ways depending on the driving area. First, the average long-haul truck driver who transports goods to various areas sleeps 6.3 hours on weekdays and 7.7 hours on weekends. Local truck drivers average 5.3 hours of sleep on weekdays and 7 hours on weekends. The ideal amount of sleep is 7-8 hours, but for truck drivers it's generally less. In particular, sleep time on weekdays tends to fall far below the ideal.

There are three reasons why truck drivers sleep less. The first is the irregularity of work. You may end up driving longer than planned due to sudden traffic jams. Also, in the case of large-scale shippers, it may take a long time to wait in line for loading and unloading. Second, the original restraint time may be long. A third factor is the shortage of drivers. Looking at the 2017 "Employment Personnel Decision Index" calculated from the Bank of Japan's "National Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises" and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' "Labor Force Survey," the index for the transportation industry is -11. This index is obtained by subtracting the percentage of companies that answered that they are short of personnel from the percentage of companies that answered that they have sufficient personnel. Moreover, despite the labor shortage, logistics are becoming more active. Shortage of drivers and increased work load can also be said to be the cause of pressure on sleep time.


3. Tips for getting good sleep

Make sure you get good quality sleep and try to stay fit. First of all, stretching before going to sleep is effective. Relax and unwind with some gentle stretches. It is known that people tend to become sleepy when their body temperature drops. Stretching temporarily raises your body temperature, and when you get into the futon in the process of falling, you will be able to sleep smoothly. Stop using your smartphone right before bed. Light and stimulation excite the brain and make it difficult to fall asleep. Also, be careful of the sun. In particular, when resting during the day, it is necessary to devise ways to avoid sunlight. Avoid going outside, take a nap in the office nap room, or wear sunglasses to reduce the amount of light entering your eyes.

Also, even if you can fall asleep immediately, some people may wake up in the middle. In such cases, light exercise such as walking is recommended. Eliminating the lack of exercise makes it easier to fall asleep. Move your body to the extent that it does not interfere with your next shift. Also, it is safer to avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and caffeine intake such as coffee before going to bed, as it will make your sleep light. In this way, review your lifestyle and improve the quality of your sleep.



Get enough sleep and work healthy!

Truck drivers tend to sleep less. Irregular working conditions, lengthy work hours, and staff shortages can all be factors that contribute to sleep deprivation. Change your lifestyle and improve your sleep quality. Transact has a large number of well-paid driver jobs. We also provide full salary support for irregular and continuous work. Please feel free to check out our job listings.





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