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■Use the executive driver dispatch service! What kind of car should it be?

■Use the executive driver dispatch service! What kind of car should it be?

When using a dedicated executive driver dispatch service, choosing a vehicle model is also important. If it becomes a car for executives, it may affect the image of the company. What kind of car is good as an executive car, such as appearance and taste? There seems to be no doubt that it is a luxury car, but it seems difficult to narrow down. Let's take a look at three representative cars.



■ Rolls-Royce, dignity of executives and presidents

Rolls-Royce is a luxury car that originated in England. Moreover, Rolls-Royce is used not only in the automobile industry, but also in the aircraft industry, and the engines of passenger aircraft that are active around the world are also used. A car equipped with an engine developed by such fine engineers is attractive. Furthermore, it is also a status that it is a car of the British government. Moreover, although it is now a domestically produced Century Hyatt, Rolls-Royce was also active as a royal car for the Emperor of Japan until a while ago. A Rolls-Royce might be the perfect vehicle for a company executive, as it's more of a hospitality vehicle than a vehicle to drive.


■A longing, Bentley

Bentley, like Rolls-Royce, is a car that is active as a prestigious British company. It is a brand that has a stronger character as a sports car manufacturer than Rolls-Royce. From 1923 to 1930, the ability to win the "24 Hours of Le Mans" endurance race five times overall has been proven as a sports car and a durable car. Some of the executives are car enthusiasts, and I think there are fans who know Bentley's success in racing. Currently, there is a sedan type designed to be used for company business purposes, and it is equipped with a powerful engine. A word to the officers How about Bentley? You can ask. You might like it.


■Mercedes-Benz cannot be missed when talking about luxury cars

Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury cars, which originated in Germany. Even people who don't know much about cars will buy it without thinking if they want a luxury car. Isn't there a lot of people who long for the emblem called "three-pointed star"? Mercedes-Benz is also active in endurance races such as “Le Mans 24” and touring car races. Some of the officers may be secret fans who know the success of these races. It might be a good idea to ask executives if they like Mercedes-Benz.





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