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■Not just companies! For professionals! Use scene of secretary

■Not just companies! For professionals! Use scene of secretary

The job of an executive secretary is literally to support the executives of a company. Since you will be supporting the management, a fairly high level of skill is required. Therefore, an excellent executive secretary can be used not only as an executive secretary but also as a professional secretary.



■Recommended for doctors and researchers!

Executive secretaries can also support doctors and researchers. A common job for doctors and researchers is writing papers. When writing a thesis, it is necessary to develop your own theory after reading various materials, but gathering the materials is a difficult task. You can think of a way to use it by having your secretary do this. Of course, a secretary's specialty is coordinating a series of incoming appointments, such as medical examinations, surgeries, conferences and other meetings, and lecture requests. If the secretary takes care of such external interactions, the person will be able to calmly concentrate on medical practice and research work. Also, people who don't usually have time to pay attention to fashion can expect to receive advice on what to wear to attend meetings.


■Recommended for lawyers and politicians!

Lawyers and politicians also benefit from using an executive secretary. The most important thing for lawyers and politicians is building relationships with many stakeholders, including customers and voters. My job is more about what I can do for them rather than whether they are necessary to me. It is necessary to understand. Therefore, it will be necessary to understand the importance of each content and determine the priority of the adjustments that will be made one after another. A level of adjustment ability that is different from simple schedule management is required. If you are an executive secretary, you can expect that level of ability to respond.


■Recommended for university professors!

University professors will find it easier to work if they use an executive secretary. Like doctors and researchers, the professors themselves can concentrate on their classes and research by having them collect materials for writing their thesis, adjusting their attendance schedules for academic conferences, arranging transportation, etc. will be You can also expect them to act as a liaison between the university and students. Some university professors tend to lock themselves in their labs once they start their research. In such a case, it would be helpful if there was an executive secretary who would be able to grasp and convey information such as things that students might want to consult with and requests that the university is likely to make. The ability of the executive secretary is high, so it is possible to be useful for the professional.





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