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■For health management! Thorough explanation of the regulations stipulated for drivers

■For health management! Thorough explanation of the regulations stipulated for drivers

For drivers, the body is capital, so health management is more important than other industries. Repeatedly driving for long hours can lead to accidents due to poor physical condition. To prevent this from happening, you will need to have a good understanding of the appropriate working hours for drivers. In this article, we summarize the regulations that protect the health of drivers and the points to maintain their health.


1 Health management regulations

In this paragraph, we will explain the provisions for driver health management such as continuous driving time, restraint time, rest and holidays.


1-1 Continuous possible operation time

Driver's continuous driving time is 4 hours. In other words, if you drive for more than 4 hours, you must immediately secure a rest period of at least 30 minutes. It is possible to divide the 30-minute break time, but the break time must be at least 10 minutes each time when driving is stopped within 4 hours. You can take three 10-minute breaks or two 15-minute breaks in four hours. Strictly follow the rules for continuous driving hours, and take time off as needed depending on the work situation.


1-2 Average driving time for 2 days

When you become a long-distance driver, there will be many cases where it is difficult to calculate the driving time per day. That's why we've decided to set a limit on the average driving time of two days. The average driving time over the two days is set at 9 hours, which the driver cannot exceed. Also, this does not mean that you can drive for 9 hours continuously, it is mandatory to put a break time in between.


1-3 Restricted time

The maximum driver restraint time is 13 hours. Depending on the situation, the upper limit can be set to 16 hours, but restraints exceeding 15 hours are limited to twice a week. When it comes to driving for a long time, there may be transportation that exceeds 15 hours one way. But such correspondence is possible only twice a week. If it is a route delivery that runs within a fixed range, the time is clear, but long-distance drivers need to be careful about the time limit.


1-4 Rest/holiday

Rest and holiday may sound similar, but there is a distinct difference between the two. A rest period is free time that is freed up between shifts. The rest period must be at least 8 hours per day and cannot be divided. It is not possible to divide it into 4 hours and take it twice, and it will be given for 8 hours in a row. Holidays are defined as breaks that are longer than the period of rest. On holidays, you can rest for the rest period plus 24 hours. In any case, it is a rule that holidays should not be less than 30 hours.


1-5 Health checkup

Drivers are obliged to undergo a medical examination. First of all, you will have to undergo a medical examination to prove that there are no physical problems at the time of employment. After that, there is a regular health checkup. The contents of the regular health checkup can be imagined as a general health checkup. In addition, if you are engaged in late-night work, a health checkup will be conducted for specific work workers. Remember, this applies to drivers who work late at night.


2 Health management that the driver can do by himself

This paragraph will explain how drivers can manage their own health. The first is diet. Drivers tend to have irregular eating times, and relying solely on service areas can lead to nutritional imbalances. As a countermeasure, drink vegetable juice regularly and be aware of a well-balanced diet on holidays. Adequate sleep is also essential for the health of drivers. Irregular sleep or lack of sleep can lead to sleep apnea, which makes you feel sleepy while driving. You should also do moderate exercise as much as possible. In particular, drivers who drive for long periods of time tend to have poor blood circulation, so exercise is meaningful to prevent this.



Follow the rules!

Drivers often end up in accidents because of poor health. Even if you are a veteran driver, it can be said that it is quite dangerous to work while having poor physical condition. It is important to always take care of your health. If you stick to the rules and be aware of your own health management, the risk of getting sick will be greatly reduced.





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