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■Growing managers use money differently! Determine which points to use

■Growing managers use money differently! Determine which points to use

After becoming a manager, there is a type that rapidly acquires ability. You may be wondering what these “growing managers” are spending their money on. They can grow as members of society because they spend money in the right field and continue to improve themselves. In this article, we will explain how to use the money of growing managers and how to identify the fields to use.



1. The way managers use money is to “spend and increase”

Growing managers run their companies with the idea of ​​“spending and increasing” money. It goes without saying that if you use money, the speed of management will increase. This is because you can make the capital investment necessary for corporate growth and secure excellent human resources. However, if money is just thrown around blindly, it will not be possible to collect it, so management will deteriorate. A good manager knows when to be cautious and when to attack. The company can develop because it spends a lot of money at the right time.

Furthermore, even if it's time to attack, it's not like I'm spending money with the feeling of gambling. We are learning how to improve cost-effectiveness and investment effectiveness, and we are discovering the odds of winning. There is a basis for both the investment amount and the investment destination, so the decision is not blurred. That said, it takes courage and learning to become a money-saving business owner. If you learn to use it consciously, it will be a stepping stone to expand your business.


2. Private is self-investment, not waste

The so-called successful people are also good at using private money. In particular, there are many managers who are very skillful when it comes to self-investment. Below, I will explain the self-investment of managers.


2-1. Update knowledge and information

Self-investment is spending money in areas where you need to grow. For example, buying economic books and self-development books is part of self-investment. Participating in seminars for managers and accumulating new knowledge will also lead to skill improvement. Also, if you go to school, you will not only be able to study, but you will also be able to make good friends. The possibility that such personal connections will be involved in management is not zero. In fact, there is also data that one-third of business owners collect information voluntarily. Even in private, growing managers continue to make efforts to improve themselves without being distracted.

Newspapers and television were the most commonly used media for gathering information. Magazines are also effective for acquiring specialized knowledge. However, in recent years, the majority of business owners are getting their information from the Internet. This is not only because the speed at which information arrives is fast, but also because it has the advantage of covering all genres.


2-2. Efficiency of time and environment

In order to secure time for self-investment even when managers are busy, it is important to reduce working hours in various everyday situations. One way would be to spend some money on it. In addition to hiring a professional, it is common to use a proxy service. For example, services such as housekeeping and driving services are widely recognized in the world. If you try to do household chores seriously, it will take a lot of time and effort. Even if you just go shopping, the time for self-investment will be greatly reduced. If you can replace it with a service, you will have more leeway in your daily life. Plus, if you hire a driver, you can do it on your own time while in the car.

An increasing number of business owners are hiring secretaries or having them take over the phone. These personnel are responsible for some of the work of the management. In the meantime, managers can focus on more important tasks and self-investment.



If you use money well as a manager, the company will also improve

For many business owners, how they spend their money has a bearing on the future of their company. If you spend money on self-investment and grow steadily as a manager, you can grow the company. On the other hand, if you repeat impulsive spending, it is not suitable for a manager. Now that you're a business owner, think carefully about where you want to spend your money.





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