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■What kind of person is an excellent secretary? I will teach you the skills you need!

■What kind of person is an excellent secretary? I will teach you the skills you need!

The work of a secretary is wide-ranging, and the roles vary from company to company. However, being called a "good secretary" requires some common skills. Here are some important skills you should have as a secretary, regardless of industry. If you are an officer who is considering hiring a secretary to improve work efficiency, why not use it as a reference when selecting human resources?


■ Secretary's business content

The secretary's work is diverse, but the focus is on managing the schedule of his boss. Secretaries need to have a lean schedule so that busy bosses can work efficiently. When traveling on a business trip, the secretary will make reservations for accommodations and secure transportation, and at meetings hosted by the boss, he will also be in charge of contacting participants. Next, dealing with visitors and telephones is also part of the secretary's work. When welcoming a visitor, you will be in contact with an important person who works with your boss, so polite demeanor and business etiquette are required. When dealing with telephone calls, try to use polite language, and decide whether to handle it with your boss or handle it yourself. It is also the secretary's job to create the materials used by his boss. Since meeting materials may be created in PowerPoint or in-house documents may be created in Word, it is necessary to acquire the minimum computer skills and how to write business documents. And the secretary also has to do the chores such as organizing the office.


1. Skills required for a good secretary

Having a good secretary has the potential not only to streamline the work of executives, but also to grow the company's business. Then, what kind of skills are required for an excellent secretary who is said to be one of the officers? Also, why does it make a difference even if I work as the same secretary? Here, we will introduce three important skills with concrete examples.


1-1. Schedule management ability

One of the abilities required of a good secretary is schedule management ability. Many of the company's top executives and executives are always busy, and sudden schedule changes can occur on a daily basis. Even in such a case, if you have a good secretary, you will be able to calmly deal with it, come up with alternatives, and survive the situation. However, such abilities are not acquired immediately, but are acquired from many years of experience. It is also important to be familiar with the functions of office software and to be able to master them. For example, you must be able to cancel or add meetings online, make changes, and more in a timely manner. Managing officers' schedules online has many advantages, such as allowing officers to check variable schedules at any time. The secretary needs to have a complete picture of the officer's schedule. And if necessary, you will be required to take the initiative to reserve and change the schedule.


1-2. Communication ability

Speaking of the ability that is indispensable for a good secretary, communication ability should not be forgotten. The secretary's job is to stand between the officer and the people he or she is involved in and maintain a lubricious communication. To that end, it is essential to have a personality that is loved by people, to be attentive to others, and to be considerate of others. In addition, it is important for secretaries who often attend meetings inside and outside the company to attend meetings with officers, to respond calmly and calmly regardless of the atmosphere, and to control themselves flexibly. In addition, it is important to be fair to the people around you, keep smiling, and provide accurate and necessary information to the conversation partner. To do this smoothly, sociability and high communication skills are required. And, because the secretary works as one of the officers, he often touches the confidential matters of the company. Therefore, it is essential to have a firm mouth, such as being sociable but not talking about unnecessary things.


1-3. Can write beautiful characters

With the spread of personal computers and e-mail, the opportunities for handwriting in business are decreasing. However, there are many occasions when handwriting is done in secretarial work, such as filling out important documents, addressing envelopes, and writing thank-you notes. Therefore, being able to write beautiful characters is a great strength for secretaries. For example, when important documents such as contracts are sent from another company, a beautifully written envelope will give the company a sense of trust. Also, if the thank-you note written by the secretary on behalf of the officer is beautiful, you will want to ask for another job. On the other hand, if it is written in round or unreadable dirty characters, you may lose credibility. In this way, the characters written by the secretary can affect the impression of the company. The letters are said to represent the body, but the letters of the secretary who fills out documents and writes letters on behalf of the officer can be said to represent the company as it is.


■ Characteristics of people who are suitable for secretaries

The characteristics of a person who is suitable for a secretary are that he is attentive and has a high ability to detect. The secretary needs to support her boss from behind, but she doesn't have time to give detailed instructions. The secretary is required to be attentive to know what the boss wants and be prepared in advance. Also, someone who can devote himself to support will be suitable for a secretary. If you don't feel like playing the leading role, you can't stand the secretary's role of supporting your boss. At the same time, secretaries are often treated with politeness with their bosses, but don't forget to be humble. A secretary is suitable for someone who can always treat people in a humble manner and facilitate relationships.

Even those who are meticulous and flexible should try the secretary. If you make a mistake in managing your boss's schedule, you may lose a lot of money to the company, so the secretary must be careful in doing the work. However, the secretary's job is fraught with trouble, so it's not enough to be careful. It is a condition of an excellent secretary to have the flexibility to deal calmly even when a happening occurs. In addition, those who have high communication skills and can share information smoothly are also suitable for secretaries.


■ Characteristics of people who are not suitable for secretaries

On the other hand, those who are not suitable for secretaries also have some characteristics. First of all, a person with a strong self-assertion will not be suitable for a secretary. Aspirations are important, but if you have a strong desire to play an active role, it can get in the way of your boss, so someone who can step back and support your boss is suitable for a secretary. Also, anyone who cannot keep confidentiality should not be a secretary. While working with key figures in the company, the secretary learns a lot of sensitive information. Leaking this information to the outside can lead to big problems, so it is not suitable for a secretary if you slip your mouth in a chat with a friend. Secondly, it will be difficult for people who are not good at switching feelings to work as secretaries. Everyone can make mistakes, but what is important is what to do after making a mistake. If your boss scolds you and you feel depressed and give up your job, your secretary's job will not work.


■ The job of a secretary is rewarding

There are many difficult situations in the work of a secretary, but it is worthwhile. The first thing that makes a secretary's job worthwhile is to be deeply involved with the people involved in the management of the company. If you work normally in a clerical position, you will not have a chance to get involved with the important people who run the company. On the other hand, secretaries are always deeply involved with executives and can learn the knowledge and skills at the cutting edge of business. Observing the ideas of the bosses you work with up close will be a valuable experience that will enrich your life. Next, it is one of the rewards of the secretary to improve skills related to business etiquette. By interacting with various important people, you will naturally improve your business etiquette and entertainment skills, and it will be easier for you to aim for career advancement. In addition, various happenings occur in the work of a secretary, and it is required to deal flexibly according to the situation. Therefore, it is also worthwhile for the secretary to develop the ability to make decisions and respond flexibly.


■ A good secretary contributes to the growth of the company!

In this way, having a good secretary will not only streamline your work, but will likely lead to business growth. Transact introduces human resources with excellent qualities and helps to create an environment. In addition to dispatching and introducing human resources, we also offer a variety of proposals that meet the needs of our customers, such as dispatching staff to be introduced and contracting business. If you are looking for a good secretary, talk to TransACT.





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