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■How much is the annual income of executive drivers?

■How much is the annual income of executive drivers?

Taxi drivers and executive drivers are the same when it comes to the job of "carrying people to their destinations." However, in reality, there are differences in terms of salary and working style. However, not many people understand exactly the difference between a taxi driver and an executive driver. So, in this article, I'll take a closer look at the salaries of executive drivers and the differences in work with taxi drivers.



1. Average salary of executive drivers

The salary of executive drivers varies considerably depending on the type of contract, such as full-time employees, contract employees, and dispatched company staff who are directly hired by the company. However, it is generally said that the average monthly salary of executive drivers is about 400,000 yen, and the annual income is about 5 million yen. This monthly and annual salary tends to be higher than the average taxi driver.


2. Why is your salary good?

There is no difference between taxi drivers and executive drivers in the business of driving with people in the car, so it is common that higher driving skills are required than ordinary drivers. However, unlike ordinary taxi drivers, executive drivers are literally the people who are the target of getting into the car, such as the president and executives. Of course, taxi drivers will need to be considerate of the passengers they carry. However, executive drivers are required to have the skills to be more attentive so as not to make the president or executives feel uncomfortable or stressful. In addition, it is necessary to have sociability that enables smooth conversations such as chats. However, it is also important to provide a space where the president and officers can relax without having more conversation than required. In addition, executive drivers are required to have a firm mouth that never tells what they see or hear in the car.


3. Differences between executive drivers and taxi drivers

The biggest difference between an executive driver and a taxi driver is the work style. Since taxi drivers are dealing with ordinary customers, they work shifts and may go to work early in the morning or late at night, and on weekends and holidays. On the other hand, executive drivers have the job of carrying the president and executives of the company. Therefore, you may have to drive when you go out for golf entertainment on holidays. However, basically, it is a job that is often closed on weekends and holidays when the company is not in operation. There are also differences in how you work normally. The more customers a taxi driver has, the higher the sales will be, so most of the taxi drivers drive, such as carrying customers or running through the city during working hours. However, in the case of an executive driver, the actual driver is only when the president or officer in charge moves. Depending on the day, most of your working hours may be waiting hours. However, waiting time does not mean that you can do whatever you want during that time.



Officer drivers and taxi drivers have different work contents and annual incomes!

Officer drivers and taxi drivers are characterized by different working styles as well as different clients. Therefore, the aptitude required for work differs, and the income also differs accordingly. Which job you choose will depend on whether you have a work style that suits your lifestyle. It is also important to determine which direction your skills and personality are suitable for.





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