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■Is it natural that the president's working hours are long? Two ways to use your time efficiently

■Is it natural that the president's working hours are long? Two ways to use your time efficiently

■ Is it natural that the president's working hours are long? Two ways to use your time efficiently



I'm busy working long hours every day, but I think there are many people who leave long working hours as they are because they are the president. You shouldn't leave long working hours just because you're the president, but think about what you can do to work efficiently. In this article, we will explain the disadvantages of long working hours and how to increase productivity and work efficiently.


1. The president is not subject to the Labor Standards Law! Even the president who has been working all the time

The Labor Standards Law stipulates guidelines that are the minimum standards for workers required to work. Workers are hired and do not have the authority to decide on working hours, wages, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to firmly protect the rights of workers under the Labor Standards Law so that they will not be forced to work long hours or be hired at unreasonably low wages. On the other hand, managers such as the president and sole proprietor are people who are in a position to hire people. Since I have some decision-making power, I am not a worker in the sense that I am in a position where I can manage myself without observing my rights under the Labor Standards Law. In other words, the president does not have a fixed working time and may work long hours without holidays.


2. There is also the disadvantage that productivity decreases if you work without holidays.

It is said that working long hours has the disadvantage of reducing productivity. In the 2017 Annual Economic and Fiscal Report released by the Cabinet Office, there is a report in Chapter 2 on changes in working styles and their impact on the economy and people's lives. The report states that internationally, countries with shorter working hours per capita have higher productivity per capita. In addition, as of 2015, Germany, which has the shortest working hours per person among OECD countries, has a total working hours of 1300 hours, which is about 80% of the total working hours of Japan. However, Germany's per capita labor productivity has been found to be nearly 50% above Japan's standards. From this result, you can see that it is not enough to work long.


3. How to be more productive and reduce working hours

How can you be more productive and work less hours?


3-1. Focus on "President's work"

It is important for the president to concentrate on work that only the president can do. Some presidents who work long hours do their own work that can be left to employees or outsourced. The president's job includes thinking about management strategies, building and instilling the company's philosophy and vision, and protecting employees and their families. If your company is still small, new customer acquisition and marketing strategies will also be important. If you work long hours while spending time on work that can be done by someone other than the president, there is a risk that your job as president will be neglected. Thinking about what should be the top priority in running a company, I think we should have as much time as possible for work that only the president can do.


3-2. Let's take a break

The first benefit of taking a break is the relief of tension. It may take about 15 minutes, so taking a break between work will relieve tension and relieve fatigue. It is also important to take a short break by taking advantage of the gap time such as travel time. The second is to be able to switch feelings. If you concentrate too much, your field of vision may be narrowed, but the president's work cannot be done with a narrow field of vision. Take a break and switch your mind to regain a broader perspective. The third is to reduce careless mistakes. If you work for a long time, your brain will get tired and you will lose your concentration. Regain concentration and reduce small oversights by exercising and drinking.



You should review how you spend your time so that you don't work long hours

The president should concentrate on the work that only the president can do. Why not hire a driver or secretary to avoid working long hours? If you are driving and traveling on your own, hiring a driver will allow you to spend your travel time on breaks. Think hard for the development of your company and not to harm your own health.





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