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■Do you outsource your secretary? !! Introducing methods and advantages / disadvantages

■Do you outsource your secretary? !! Introducing methods and advantages / disadvantages

An increasing number of companies are outsourcing secretarial work. Hiring a secretary is costly and takes time to educate, so some companies find it difficult to hire, but outsourcing can solve that problem. Here, we will introduce not only the advantages of outsourcing secretaries but also the disadvantages.



1. Outsourcing secretarial work

In the past, it was common for the president to hire a secretary as if he were a full-time employee. However, with the development of the Internet, the methods of hiring secretaries have diversified, and it has become possible to outsource or dispatch secretaries remotely. When outsourcing secretarial work, all work is completed online, freeing you from the hassle of face-to-face work. Interviews can also be done online, so there is no hassle in hiring procedures. There are several companies that outsource secretaries, so make a good comparison of costs and services.


2. Benefits of outsourcing secretaries

Here are the benefits of outsourcing your secretary.


2-1. The cost of hiring can be significantly reduced.

Hiring a secretary incurs labor insurance premiums, employment insurance premiums, social insurance premiums, transportation expenses, welfare expenses, severance pay, recruitment expenses, education and training expenses, etc., which puts a heavy burden on the company. Outsourcing can significantly reduce these costs and reduce the burden. You only have to outsource the necessary work, so there is no extra cost. Even small businesses and start-ups that cannot afford to hire a secretary can easily use outsourcing.


2-2. It is possible to hire a secretary with the required knowledge and skills

When outsourcing a secretary, you can pre-designate personnel with specialized knowledge and skills. It is attractive to be able to request a wide range of tasks, from highly specialized tasks such as system development to simple tasks such as writing. By outsourcing the work, the president can concentrate on his work. It will also help improve work efficiency because it saves you the cost of developing human resources in-house and the trouble of hiring a good secretary.


2-3. Avoid risks such as leave of absence

When hiring a secretary, there are risks such as urgent need, sudden illness, retirement, and leave of absence. If you retire due to marriage or childbirth, you will have to retrain your secretary from scratch. Outsourcing can avoid such risks. The online secretarial service is a team system that bundles multiple people, so even if one person is missing due to sudden illness or retirement, there is no worry that work will be hindered. Therefore, you can always receive stable service while preventing business delays.


3. Disadvantages of outsourcing secretaries

When it comes to outsourcing a secretary, there are outsourcing costs. The standard is 3000 yen per hour. It may seem expensive at first glance, but outsourcing does not incur hiring or education costs. Considering that there are no transportation costs, uniform costs, and the risk of retirement can be avoided, it cannot be said that the amount is high. The quality of work is also high, so the cost performance is better than when hiring a secretary. However, for those who are not accustomed to online, unfamiliarity can hinder their work. Over time, you'll get used to online, but it can be a little stressful at first. Since we cannot outsource tasks that cannot be handled online, such as mailing and document arrangement, it may be necessary to hire a part-time job. The scope of work of the secretary varies depending on the vendor, so it is a good idea to weigh multiple vendors in advance.





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