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■Is it directly linked to the growth of the company? !! I will explain the work of the president

■ Is it directly linked to the growth of the company? !! I will explain the work of the president

■ Is it directly linked to the growth of the company? !! I will explain the work of the president



It is no exaggeration to say that whether or not a company grows depends on the work of the president. This is especially true for small and medium-sized enterprises. So what is the job done by the president of a growing company? On the contrary, what kind of work is the president of a company that is not expected to grow? In this article, I will explain the work that the president should give special priority to.


1. About the work of the president

The most important part of the president's job is to make decisions about the company. The result of that decision will have a significant impact on the growth of the company. Whether or not you can make a solid decision depends on the ability of the president. The ability and sense of the president is not limited to the talent and sense that he was born with. If the president himself is busy doing chores that anyone can do, even the most savvy person will lose his or her decision-making ability. Even if you are not blessed with talent and sense, if you concentrate on the president's work and make repeated decisions, it is likely that the accuracy of your decisions will improve. In other words, the ability of the president depends on whether he can concentrate on his work on a daily basis. The work of the president is diverse, but the most important area can be said to be management strategy.


2. The work of the president that changes depending on the stage of the company

The company has stages depending on the degree of growth, and the work content of the president changes accordingly. It's important to be aware of what stage your company is in and focus on the job that suits your situation.

In the first stage, when you're just starting a business, you have to do all the work yourself. Whether or not your business is on track depends on your initial idea. In addition, the key to growth is to work efficiently within a limited amount of time. When you increase the number of customers through sales and marketing and have a certain number of employees, the company will enter the stage of stable operation. At this stage, management will be stable, so you will be able to develop your business smoothly without making any noticeable efforts. It's a cozy zone, and many companies remain in this stage of stable operation.

In the next stage, which has grown further from the state of stable operation, the scale of the company will grow and the business will become more complicated. In order to clarify the direction of the company, the president must establish a new management vision. When aiming for further growth, it will be difficult for one person to steer the management. You need to build a management team and work together to grow your company.


3. Work that the president should do

What kind of work should the president do?


3-1. Understanding the numbers

Understanding company numbers is an essential task for the president, who has the role of making business strategy decisions. Some companies may leave the numbers to the accounting, but I have to say that it is a problem that the president does not understand the numbers of the company at all. If you can't tell if your company is doing better or worse, you can't make a strategy. If you understand the numbers and make predictions for the future, you can take the initiative correctly.


3-2. Improving the accuracy of numbers

Company figures are aggregated in the financial statements. The president must read the financial statements and get a firm grasp of the business situation of the company. If you don't know where and how much it costs, you run the risk of making mistakes that suggest irrelevant cost cuts. In other words, if you don't improve the accuracy of the numbers, the accuracy of your company decisions will decrease.


3-3. Setting company goals

Setting company goals is one of the most important tasks for the president. The ability of a company to grow has a lot to do with being able to set the right goals. Visions and corporate philosophies are important, but profit goals are easy to understand when sharing with employees. It is necessary to set a target for gross profit and operating profit margin, and if it cannot be achieved, identify areas where improvements can be made.


3-4. Make and execute a plan to achieve the goal

You need to plan and execute to achieve the goals you have set. Let's correctly grasp and solve the management issues between the current situation and the goals. We will implement it according to the plan, and repeat the verification of the effect and the revision of the plan to get closer to the goal.


3-5. Establishing corporate permanence

In order to continue to survive as a long-lived company, it is necessary to build a management system that can predict the risk of decline and prevent it. There are various economic and social conditions, but it is the president's important role to anticipate the future potential as much as possible and do as much as possible. Let's carry out the establishment of the permanence of the company as the responsibility of the president.


4. How to focus on the president's work

The president has a great responsibility, and he needs to do the work he needs to do. In order to concentrate on the work of the president, it is important to make room for the company. If the company does not have the spare capacity, the president himself will do the work of the department that is not enough, and he cannot concentrate on the work that the president should do. If you can't concentrate on the work of the president, try to make room for the company by devising ways such as raising the prices of products and services. On top of that, it is recommended to hire a secretary or driver to create an environment where you can concentrate on your work. The president is the heart of the company, and in order to maintain the life of the company, he must concentrate on his work.



■ Leave a secretary and concentrate on the president's business!

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