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■Introducing according to the situation from telephone response to reception

■Introducing according to the situation from telephone response to reception

In the work of a secretary, you have the opportunity to do various tasks on behalf of your boss, and you also have external relationships. The secretary is, so to speak, the face of the company. In order to behave in a manner that is not embarrassing as a position that carries the image of the company, it is necessary to acquire appropriate business etiquette. This time, I will explain the business etiquette required of a secretary by dividing it into scenes.



1. Necessary business manners

In my job as a secretary, there are many situations where I do various tasks on behalf of my superior. In other words, you are in a position that bears a heavy responsibility, and you are required to have appropriate business etiquette. From here, I will explain the business etiquette required of a secretary according to common situations.


1-1. Telephone response

The telephone is directly linked to the image of the company, and the other party is required to respond without rudeness. First of all, when you receive a call, it is basic to answer within 3 calls. Following the greeting, give the company name and the name of the department to which you belong, and confirm the company name and name of the other party. The timing to switch from "Good morning" to "Thank you for calling" is around 11:00 am. If it is difficult to hear the other party's voice, try to avoid direct expressions by saying something like "It seems that the phone is a little far away".

As a secretary, you also need to be careful not to use the wrong wording. It is also important not to give your boss's schedule or personal information without your boss's permission. If your boss is absent, answer "visiting or on a business trip" and check if there is a call back.


1-2. Hospitality

Hospitality is used to mean adding special hospitality to general customer service, and secretaries are often required to do this. You must be aware that hospitality influences your external impression. It is important to use the terms of hospitality flexibly according to the person to whom you are dealing, and you need to have some experience before you can do it naturally. In order not to make the other person feel uncomfortable, it is important to avoid straight expressions when asking for something and add cushion words such as "Excuse me".

There are also some rules for how to call a company name and job title. Do not confuse "our company" used for your company with "your company" used for the other company. When introducing a person from your company to someone outside the company, the correct answer is to abandon your surname, even if you are your boss. Also, even if you are an outsider, the title itself is originally a honorific title, so if you call it "manager", it will be a double honorific. In addition, let's work with a spirit of thoroughness in all responses, such as slowly knocking on the door three times.


1-3. Cancel

If you deal with it on a daily basis, sometimes you may not be able to meet the will of the other party, but the secretary's qualifications are also questioned in how to refuse. It is the most annoying for the other party to postpone the reply and then decline, so it is important to forecast the schedule early and decline early if you find it difficult to adjust. In addition, it is good manners to communicate the refusal by telephone. Emails are one-sided and can give a cold impression. Based on two-way communication over the phone, do your best to convey the reason and apology.


1-4. Chat

The secretary has the opportunity to chat with the other party during travel time, but there is also etiquette there. Sometimes it is necessary to create a relaxing atmosphere with private topics. In addition, the secretary's basic stance is to speak honestly to any person. Answer any questions honestly, assuming you don't touch confidentiality. When you accompany your boss, you also need to have a good sense of how and how your boss is feeling and choosing the right topic. If you have the opportunity to interact with a large number of people at a business party, the secretary should take the position of carrying the company on his back and talk about topics that will lead to the promotion of the company.



Let's use flexible manners

Mastering business etiquette is a condition that must be cleared at least as a secretary. Furthermore, since it is a job to interact with people from various positions inside and outside the company, it is also required to have the ability to apply proper etiquette according to the person. However, it is a prerequisite to treat any person fairly. Don't forget to be humble as a secretary, and use your manners flexibly.





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