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■The lifestyle habits of the president who wants to imitate right now! Become conscious and act

■The lifestyle habits of the president who wants to imitate right now! Become conscious and act

When you hear "the life of the president," you may think that you are busy every day and run around at meetings and business trips. What kind of life do you actually live in? Unlike ordinary employees, the president has a role as a manager, so there are things to be careful about in order to maintain it. In this article, I will explain the lifestyle to succeed as president.



1. Dekiru President's lifestyle habits: Value interaction with people

Dekiru's president values ​​"interaction with people". Because people are the most important source of information. There are various sources of information in the world. For example, books, magazines, information sites on the Internet, etc., whether paid or free, can be said to be full of information. Among them, we can get the most dense information from people. Anyone can have a dialogue. They will answer your questions directly. Although AI is developing, it seems that the quality and level of information required by the president is still far from that of dialogue with real human beings.

Then, what kind of people will the president of Dekiru interact with? The most common are successful people and other business owners. As a leader in a company, it is very important to learn ideas and receive advice from people who have successful experiences. Dekiru's president meets people he can respect and learn in person, and learns about management attitudes and how to live as a human being. Even if you don't have such connections, there are ways to use seminars and social gatherings. If the exchange meeting is limited to "for business owners", you will be able to expand your network of contacts with colleagues who are interested in similar issues while learning.


2. Dekiru President's lifestyle habits: Be sure to have "time to think"

The president of Dekiru always secures "time to think". Management is in a position to lead the organization. It's like the captain of a ship. When you go out to sea, the environment changes a lot. On some days the weather is fine, and you may encounter a raging storm. A ship floating in the ocean basically has no help or escape. It is the captain's role to safely guide the cargo and crew on board to the destination while responding to the changing environment. The skill required of the president, who is in the same position as the captain, is "judgment." The president is forced to make daily decisions such as whether to move forward or backward, whether to go to the right or to the left.

It is generally said that it is necessary to run the PDCA cycle in order to make a correct decision. PDCA is the idea of ​​improving things through a series of flows of Plan (plan), Do (execution), Check (evaluation), and Act (improvement). The main role of the president is Plan, but for that purpose, we need to pay attention to what the overall flow is like. Therefore, it is essential to have time to think about what you need to do to solve a business problem and what you have done. At a minimum, you should have this time once a day. If possible, it is recommended that you take about two hours to think about what you want to do and how you will manage it in the future.


3. Dekiru President's lifestyle habits: Choose "good things" without deciding things by price

The president of Dekiru judges the value of things by their essence. In economic society, "price" is generally used as an index of the value of goods. However, prices can change depending on the situation. In that sense, the price doesn't make much sense for the president who decides things based on "good" or "bad".


4. Dekiru President's lifestyle habits: Don't do what you don't have to do

The president who is devious basically leaves what he does not have to do to others. Being the head of an organization, you don't have to spend your precious time and money on things you don't have to do. It is the president's job to clarify the entire work process and decide the direction, so let's leave the rest to the employees. It may be one of the president's jobs to clarify the sense of purpose for work and to live in a well-balanced manner so as not to confuse play with work.



Living with a high awareness as president

If you are a big president, it is important to be aware that you are the top of the organization and proceed with your work. However, in reality, you may not have the time to spare and it may be difficult to have the habits described here. At that time, it is necessary to devise ways to create time. For example, a driver or secretary can be thought of as a tool to create the time needed as president. Let's consider it.





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