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■Powerful under the edge! Introducing three attitudes to play an active role as a secretary

■Powerful under the edge! Introducing three attitudes to play an active role as a secretary

Many people have the image of "supporting their boss" as a secretary's job so that the work can proceed smoothly. However, in order to actually play an active role as a secretary, some people may wonder, "What kind of attitude do you need?" So, in this article, I will introduce three attitudes that you need to work as a secretary.



1. What is the secretary's job?

In order to play an active role as a secretary, it is important to first understand the details of your work accurately. The basic task of a secretary is to "provide general assistance" so that the boss can concentrate on the work in the workplace. However, the range of work that a secretary is in charge of is very wide, and the work content tends to differ greatly depending on the company and the boss who assists it. Specifically, it can be said that it is common to be in charge of tasks such as "schedule management," "answering visitors and telephone calls," and "arranging business trips." In addition to that, there are cases where "return to gifts", "information gathering", "document filing", "document management", etc. are performed.


2. Three attitudes necessary as a secretary

Although I want to work as a secretary, many people may be worried about what is actually required. So, let's check here three attitudes that are indispensable for working as a secretary.


2-1. Thorough confidentiality

When working as a secretary, it is very important to have a mindset of "strict confidentiality." Since secretaries often come into contact with people in important positions within the company, such as the president and executives, they inevitably have many opportunities to come into contact with "important company secrets and information" such as confidential matters and confidential information. In the unlikely event that such important information is leaked outside the company, it could be a huge loss for the company. Since secretaries are important tasks that often deal with confidential information, which can be said to be the core of management, thorough confidentiality is required. It is important that the information obtained through the work of the secretary is never shared with outsiders and is kept in your heart.


2-2. Be attentive

The secretary's main role is to support the boss in charge in various ways so that he / she can carry out his / her duties without delay. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind to "always be attentive". You will be required to have the ability to detect and proactively detect various things such as "what is necessary for the boss to proceed with the work" and "what points should be considered". In addition, the secretary needs to consider not only the boss in charge but also the customer and visitors. Be aware that dealing with people outside the company can give the impression of not only yourself, but the entire department and your direct supervisor. Careful response is required, such as paying attention to attitude and wording.


2-3. Being an unsung hero

A secretary is a job that supports others in the shadow without leaving you in front of you. Therefore, it is important to try to work as an "unsung hero". Secretaries are required to work diligently and naturally support them as needed. However, you should avoid fully appealing such support. This is because the secretary's main role is to "improve the results of his boss." No matter how good your skills and ideas are, it is wise to avoid insisting on them. In addition, it is basically not asking for a reward for support. The stance required of a secretary is to be sensitive to what the boss wants, respond promptly to that request, and "behind the scenes."


Secretary is important not only skill but also attitude

Did you firmly recognize the attitude necessary for the secretary's work? In order to play an active role as a secretary, not only skills but also "preparation" as a support role is important. It is important to be aware of three points: thorough confidentiality, attention, and unsung heroes. With the dispatch service "Transact", you can aim to become a secretary from inexperienced. If you are interested in working as a secretary, why not take on the challenge with a firm mindset?





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