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■What are the piercing managers doing? Six things that growing business owners are doing

■What are the piercing managers doing? Six things that growing business owners are doing

There are various companies in the world, and at the same time, there are various company owners. Among them, the managers who are said to be very good have something in common. In order not to become a manager who leans the company, let's know what the role of the manager is especially important. In this article, I'll introduce you to six things that growing business owners are always doing.



1. Show your company's direction

A good manager can tell employees the direction of the company and share it internally. Since it is the management who decides the direction of the company, only the management can tell it. It goes without saying that we should consider the direction of our company, but it is also an important role of the management to guide employees and the company by communicating in words and actions.


2. Always studying

Business owners should always study the industry and occupation they work in to improve their skills. In the changing social situation, the president must look ahead, set the company's vision, and make the final decision. If you don't keep an antenna in the world and study, you will be different from those around you. All good managers are constantly gathering information and studying for the survival of the company.


3. We value the connection with people

Basically, there is no such thing as a job that can be completed by one person. A job can only be completed if there is at least a service provider and a service recipient, and there will also be business associates and business partners. You can't work alone, so you have to thank your employees and those involved in your work and value their connections. It should be understood that if everyone involved in the company's work can work comfortably, the performance of each person can be improved, resulting in better service. In addition, the wider the network of people outside the company, the wider the possibilities of the business and the more opportunities will come.


4. Light footwork and act immediately

By taking on challenges with light footwork and not being afraid, you will acquire the quick decision-making ability and action ability that managers need. Management is required to have the ability to quickly sense changes in the surroundings and make decisions flexibly. With proper decision-making and bold action, even if you make a mistake, you will be able to take that experience as the next step and act, and you will be able to lead the company and employees powerfully.


5. Rely on people wisely

Successful business owners rely on people well. It may be easier for you to handle it yourself, but the amount of work that the president can do in the end is limited. Therefore, I seek and rely on the power of people and specialists who are good at it, especially in areas where I am not good at. Even a manager is a human being, so he has some strengths and weaknesses. Rather than spending time overcoming one's weaknesses, it is more likely that management will be successful if the idea is to understand one's strengths and weaknesses and utilize them in company management.


6. Anyway, I like work and am absorbed in it

Many good business owners have in common that they like their work, even if it doesn't work. When it comes to what anyone likes, even if it's hard, you can immerse yourself in it and overcome it without thinking it's a pain. The pressure is not trivial because management is always next to various troubles and risks and is in a position to take responsibility for them. In such a case, if you like work, you can cancel your anxiety and do your best with high motivation, so it can be said that love of work is definitely an indispensable factor for managers.



It is important to concentrate on the work that the manager should do

The managers who run the company are required to have various powers. Since the roles of managers are so many and their responsibilities are heavy, securing time to do work that only you can do is the key to management. It can be said that leaving things that you can do without yourself, such as driving and restaurant reservations, to specialists such as drivers and secretaries, and concentrating on tasks that only you can do is the first step toward becoming an excellent manager. prize.





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