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■What should I do when the owner is tired? What you can do to maintain the company

■What should I do when the owner is tired? What you can do to maintain the company

The manager is in a position where he / she has a heavy responsibility and is easily tired. There are many people who can't leave it to others and carry everything on their own. What should I do when the owner gets tired? In this article, we will consider the reasons why managers get tired and the impact they will have on employees, and explain what to do when they get tired, giving examples.



1. The tiredness of the manager is accumulated without noticing

Many people think that they like the job itself because it is a rewarding job for business owners. However, no matter how much fun you work, if you have trouble with your business performance or relationships, you can easily feel stress. In particular, human relationships are one of the major causes of stress because there are cases where one's own efforts cannot solve the problem. In addition, the pusher that is applied when cash flow does not go well will be a heavy burden for the management. As management deteriorates and employees leave, it feels like they are being cornered. When the accumulation of hard work reaches the limit, not only the body but also the mind can be destroyed.


2. The fatigue of the manager is transmitted to the employees

Management fatigue is easier to convey to employees than you can imagine. Negative emotions are unknowingly exposed. The tired face of the manager often fuels the anxiety of the employees. Depending on the situation, the atmosphere of the entire company may deteriorate and the motivation of employees may be lowered. If the morale of the entire company declines, there will be various adverse effects such as a proportional decline in sales and an increase in the number of retirees. As a result, business owners become more and more tired, and the bad atmosphere becomes even stronger, leading to a negative spiral that cannot be escaped.


3. What you can do to avoid getting tired of management

In this paragraph, I will introduce two main points that can be done to prevent management fatigue.


3-1. Talk to someone you can trust

It is said that stress tends to accumulate in the management of a company because it is difficult to consult with others. However, it is often difficult to solve everything on your own. Talking to someone you can trust or share your worries will relieve stress and may come up with a solution. Think carefully about whether there are any people around you to talk to.

The safest thing to do is to talk to the same business associates. A manager is a difficult job that carries the lives of employees and is constantly forced to make important decisions. Because of such a lonely position with heavy responsibility, the same manager will understand each other's feelings. Not only does it give you a sense of security, but you can also expect business advice on what measures you should actually take. If possible, it's best to talk to fellow business owners in the same industry, but there are many things you can get from different industries.

The approach of consulting with the family is not bad either. Talking to your family may not solve your work problems, but just having someone you trust will help you feel a little lighter. If you feel you need more mental follow-up, consider relying on a counselor. In the dialogue, the counselor finds out the real worries that the other person is potentially having. A counselor may be able to talk about content that is difficult to consult with family members and acquaintances.


3-2. Secure your time

Occasionally, some business owners decide to deal with all of the company-related issues themselves. It's important to have a sense of responsibility, but sometimes rely on others. It's a good idea to have the right people in the right positions and leave the rest to them. And try to create your own time. It is important to objectively analyze your working hours and cut off wasted time if you feel that you are overworked. Use the cut time for other things to do and rest.



Let's calmly organize the situation so as not to accumulate fatigue

If you try to do everything on your own, you will easily get tired. If you outsource just the means of transportation and schedule management, the burden may be surprisingly reduced. If you want to concentrate on work that only you can do, consider outsourcing such as dispatching a driver or secretary. The Transact Group will provide highly qualified staff and an environment to follow the management.





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