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■Three difficulties of the president who are hard to understand! How to solve it?

■Three difficulties of the president who are hard to understand! How to solve it?

The president is the head of the company and can run the company at his discretion. There is no need to look at the complexion of the boss, and it is a position that is socially regarded. When I was a new employee, there are many people who worked hard and wanted to become president someday. However, the president has a heavy responsibility and there is immeasurable pressure. For those who find it difficult and difficult to be the president, I will introduce how to overcome it.



1. The difficulty that many presidents feel

The president, who is the head of the company, is not only responsible for everything that happens within the company, but also for the family, life and business partners of our employees. Strategy and cash flow to keep the company alive are also important tasks of the president. The president never rests, and the pressure is not normal. I would like to introduce the difficulties that many presidents feel.


1-1. "Weight of responsibility" that cannot be tolerated

Even in the same company, the president and employees have different responsibilities. As the head of the company, the president is responsible for everything in the company and must continue to make sales in order to keep the company alive. Furthermore, the president is required to manage the company with an eye on the future as well as the present. All final decisions must be made by the president, but mistakes can change the fate of the company and cannot be tolerated. The president is constantly under pressure.


1-2. Full of money with cash flow "Weight of money"

The company isn't just when it has big sales. Even if there is no problem in the management of the company itself, sales may drop due to social conditions or disasters. But with or without sales, the president has to pay his employees. Companies that do not have sufficient funds and stable income may go bankrupt due to slight changes in the environment. It is the president's job to think about how to continuously profit to protect employment and how to respond to changes in the environment. The heads of many presidents are always full of cash.


1-3. I'm worried about what you think "employee's eyes"

The president is in a lonely position. Employees can help each other when work is difficult, and doing so creates a sense of solidarity. However, there is only one president. Even if you are a companion who was forgiving when you were employees, the relationship may change when your position changes. The feelings of the president can only be understood by the person who became the president. Sometimes the president wants to share the pain and complain, but from a standpoint, he can't say anything devious. This is because the words and actions of the president can lead to misunderstandings by employees. If you are far from the employees, you may not be able to grasp what the president himself thinks, and you may pass each other and see with white eyes.

Even if the employees do not understand it, the president must make an effort to bring the employees together and understand their feelings. Occasionally, employees may not understand and be hated. As a president, you need to be prepared to make difficult decisions to protect the company even if your employees dislike it.


2. To eliminate the difficulty, "concentrate on your work as president"

The president is constantly suffering from loneliness and anxiety. You may not be able to sleep if you think that your judgment was correct or that there was another better way. Many presidents are about to be overwhelmed by the pressure that the company may go bankrupt if the cash flow goes wrong. However, even if you think about it, you will not be anxious. It's a waste of energy to think about a crisis that hasn't happened. Focusing only on what you should do as president is the best way to get rid of your anxieties and move your company for the better.



Organize what you should do and focus only on your work

It is important for the president to do his best to do the work that only the president can do. First of all, it is recommended to organize the work to be done as president. It is also important to streamline your work so that you can focus on your work. Traveling does not exhaust your physical strength, and you can use it to collect information about the other party, prepare for meetings, or take a short break during the travel time to improve work efficiency. Hire a driver or secretary for best performance.





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