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■What is a secret job that only a secretary can do?

■What is a secret job that only a secretary can do?

There are many opinions that even a secretary does not know what kind of work he is doing. Certainly, as the name "secret" implies, secretaries often know confidential matters and boss personal information that can only be known in the executive class, and it is a profession with many mysterious parts. This time, I would like to introduce a secret job that only such a secretary can do.



■ About schedule management and clerical work

Coordinating and managing the boss's schedule is as important as managing the schedule when it comes to secretaries. Normally, a businessman manages the schedule by himself, but the secretary is attached to the officer so that he can release the officer from troublesome chores and concentrate on his work as the original officer. Adjusting the time so that internal meetings with each department can be held efficiently, and paying attention to the type of restaurant when having dinner with important business partners, it seems that the faces of officers are not smeared with mud. , Accurate work and careful consideration are required. Be aware of the speed of clerical work correctly and carefully, and manage the schedule assuming various situations.


■ About telephone, email, and customer support

As an officer's secretary, it is important to be ashamed when dealing with phone calls, emails, and visitors. We may contact our business partners on behalf of our officers, so be careful not to be rude. It's natural to use the correct honorifics, and to write emails and letters in a business-friendly format. When it comes to phone calls, you may get the boss's personal phone call on your behalf. You will also receive the boss's mail every day. Even in such areas, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the personal information of the boss and take appropriate measures. If it's easy, you need to make your own judgment without asking the boss, but be careful not to make a bad judgment and embarrass your boss.


■ What are the rare tasks that actually exist?

In addition to clerical work and schedule adjustment, other tasks that are rare for ordinary clerical workers include arranging dinner and souvenirs. After coordinating the dinner schedule with the other party, you probably have to meet with the other party's secretary or sales representative to think about which place, which food to serve, and which sake to make a delicious restaurant. .. As with any dinner, you can't afford to fail, but if you're a very important business partner who needs to be enthusiastic, you have to be careful not to miss every detail. After work, I sometimes stop by the store to see what the private room looks like or eat some food. The same is true for souvenirs, and you will need to choose one that is popular these days or one that suits your tastes. Therefore, secretaries need to keep an eye on trends and trends in the world.





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