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■What are the competent executive secretaries and essential skills required?

■What are the competent executive secretaries and essential skills required?

I will explain the essential skills that you should see when hiring as an executive secretary. The skills required of an executive secretary depend on the size and policy of the company, but it is expected that a wide range of social and work experience will be demonstrated in the work. What are the skills that are especially needed?



■ No omissions! Scheduling ability

Many executives are busy, and sudden schedule changes can occur frequently while managing schedules. It is imperative that we can always take such actions naturally, so that we can act calmly when a sudden event occurs, and we can survive with alternatives without rushing to a slight change in schedule. .. Scheduling ability is not something that you can acquire immediately, and you can demonstrate it only because you have a wealth of secretarial experience. It can be said that a competent executive secretary can manage accurately and accurately. In addition, you need to be familiar with the functions of office software and have the skills to master it. If a meeting is canceled or suddenly added, you must make an immediate reservation online. It is important to be able to manage online so that the schedule of officers can proceed smoothly and reasonably according to sudden internal meetings and important visitor schedules.


■ Communication skills loved by people

As a qualification of an executive secretary, it is essential to be attentive and considerate of the other party. In the business support of officers, I often encounter situations where I have to be present with officers at meetings and meetings, both inside and outside the company. Occasionally, when a meeting is difficult, the surroundings may become disturbing, or people who become emotional may throw harsh words. If there is calmness that can respond calmly even in such a situation, the surrounding atmosphere will also calm down. In addition, since I often deal with important matters in my work, there are times when I feel stressed when asked by people around me who want to collect even a little information. Even in such a situation, skills that can control oneself flexibly will be essential.


■ There are many opportunities for ghostwriting! The beauty of important characters that is often overlooked

Recently, the number of business documents and letters that are not handwritten has increased, but even so, there are times when the address is written by hand. Especially for executive secretaries who work with executives, they often send documents to people in company positions that are important to the company. Therefore, the number of documents created by handwriting is not small. There are many opportunities to write documents such as thank-you notes and greetings, and having beautiful characters is an important skill for an executive secretary.





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