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■Immediate force for sudden overseas transactions! What is the dispatch of executive secretaries?

■Immediate force for sudden overseas transactions! What is the dispatch of executive secretaries?

Various transactions are carried out every day in the company. There will be many sudden business talks. What should I do if a transaction occurs suddenly overseas and no one is familiar with the language of that country? How about using the dispatch service in such a case?



■ A secretary who understands the situation is recommended

The quickest way to find an experienced interpreter is to contact a temporary staffing agency specializing in interpreting. Some of these temporary staffing companies also have experienced executive secretaries. In an urgent situation where you have to find the right person or have limited time, it is essential to have someone with a wealth of experience in business negotiations and conference interpretation. Furthermore, since it is an important transaction, we must be human resources who can immediately grasp the situation and respond flexibly. It is even better if you have experience as an executive secretary with a wealth of practical experience who can be one of the executives. By asking a temporary staffing company, it is possible to secure human resources suddenly.


■ During a busy business trip! Leave the detailed work that you can't handle

Among overseas transactions, there is a possibility that a sudden overseas business trip may occur, or a business trip other than this transaction may occur. Many executives are busy, so there is a high possibility that their daily detailed work cannot keep up. Even if you are absent from the company, it is indispensable for the operation of the company to be able to carry out the work properly. In such a case, requesting the dispatch of an executive secretary on a limited schedule will alleviate your anxiety. Temporary agencies can handle dispatch work for a week or even days. If detailed work is accumulated, it will be a huge amount, so it may be a good idea to take the initiative and have an officer secretary dispatched.


■ E-mail and phone support overseas is perfect!

Having an executive secretary gives you a sense of security. Personnel registered with temporary staffing companies who have experience as executive secretaries have a track record in various companies. Many people are accustomed to working at the company to which they are dispatched as an immediate force in a different environment. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be able to take care of basic business etiquette and hospitality, and have the experience of being able to calmly deal with unexpected situations. It is possible to respond immediately to emails from overseas, and you can rest assured that you will be able to answer the phone. It also has great insight to instantly determine the situation on the spot. If you have a sudden overseas transaction and want someone who can make the most contribution in that limited period of time, it is a good idea to ask an executive secretary.





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