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■The president drivers place is wonderful! I will thoroughly explain the merits etc.

■■ The president driver's place is wonderful! I will thoroughly explain the merits etc.

The "president driver" plays an active role when the president or executive of a company travels by car. However, the role of the president driver is not just to "drive a car." The work of the president driver is indispensable for the top executives of a company to concentrate on their own work and conduct business efficiently. Therefore, I will explain the basic role of the president driver, the difference from the taxi driver, and the merits of having a president driver.



1. What is the role of the president driver?

As the name implies, the president driver is the driver who delivers the top of the company to the destination, and the main business is driving a car. It is important for the president driver not only to deliver the president safely and accurately to the destination, but also to drive comfortably and speedily. Therefore, certain driving skills and a wealth of knowledge about traffic information are required. Also, the president driver is not just about driving a car. The president driver is a profession that requires daily contact with people with high social status, who are the top of the company. Therefore, not only driving skills but also advanced personal skills are required. Specifically, it is necessary to have high skills such as customer service etiquette, communication skills, calm demeanor, concentration, and observation skills.


2. This is different from a taxi!

Both the president driver and the taxi driver have in common that they drive a car with people, but there are some clear differences. That is, in the case of a taxi, an unspecified number of passengers can be carried, but the president driver can carry executives such as the top of the company. The relationship between a taxi driver and passengers is basically a once-in-a-lifetime relationship, but in the case of a president driver, you must have a continuous relationship with the same person. Therefore, the president driver needs to build a relationship of trust so that he can always have a comfortable relationship with the top of the company, which is a passenger. In addition, taxi drivers' business hours are basically irregular, and they may be concentrated in the midnight and early morning hours when there are many passengers. On the other hand, the business hours of the president driver are basically from the start time to the end time of the company or institution to which the president or officer belongs. There may be some fluctuations depending on the schedule of officers.


3. Outsourcing is recommended!

Regarding the hiring of the president driver, there is a method of hiring directly personally, but there are various advantages to using outsourcing. First of all, it saves cost and effort. Outsourcing eliminates the cost of hiring, hiring, education, and training. Secondly, outsourcing has the advantage of being efficient and easy to find a driver who meets the conditions. If one driver takes a vacation or suddenly has to take a break due to an illness or accident, he or she can immediately send a replacement driver. Since you don't have to deal with it by yourself, such as searching for a substitute driver, you can save time and effort and prevent problems in your work. Another advantage is that you don't have to take responsibility in case of trouble. In the unlikely event that a problem such as an accident occurs, the company does not have to take responsibility for damages. You can also prevent the company from having a negative reputation due to trouble.



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