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■I want to bewant to be called a big secretary! What is the difference from an ordinary secretary?

■I I want to bewant to be called a big secretary! What is the difference from an ordinary secretary?

When you hear the word "secretary", many people think of a talented person. However, in reality, there are secretaries who are good and general secretaries who are not. What makes a big secretary different from other secretaries? So, this time, I would like to introduce the features of the secretary.


■ The secretary is very smart

A big secretary is good at knowing what his boss wants. Instead of waiting until you are ordered, you can decide what action to take next based on your boss's behavior. So by the time your boss tries to direct you, you're already ahead of the curve. If the secretary always does such a nifty thing, the boss doesn't have to interrupt his work to give instructions. A boss who can work uninterrupted will have a positive effect on mental and efficiency. The dekiru secretary routinely analyzes the behavior, personality, and habits of his boss with a keen eye. I'm also busy checking my boss's schedule. Based on this information, I try to understand my boss's request as accurately as possible.


■ A big secretary always has a bright smile

If you want to be a secretary, you have to make your boss feel like you want to work with him. To that end, it is important to behave with a bright smile at all times. It goes without saying that abilities such as language and memorization are important for secretaries. However, there are many bosses who excel in those abilities but do not want to work with a secretary in a dark atmosphere. A person who can be assigned a secretary generally bears a heavy responsibility within the company. There is a lot of trouble and pressure, but if the secretary cheerfully supports me, I may be able to do my best. A big secretary doesn't show up even if he gets tired or depressed. I support my boss with a bright smile at all times so that I can work comfortably.


■ A big secretary never forgets humility in any situation

Remembering humility is also one of the conditions for a great secretary. If your boss is in a great position, you may be treated politely by your business partners. The important thing is not to mistake yourself for being great. If you make a mistake, you will lose support for your boss. You must be aware that you are a secretary and that you are a supporter of your boss in any situation. The same is true when communicating your boss's orders to other employees. You have to be careful because you may get the illusion that you are commanding. Being arrogant affects the reputation of your boss as well as yourself. A big secretary puts his boss first and behaves humbly in any situation.





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