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■What is the difference between full-time employees and temporary staffing?

■What is the difference between full-time employees and temporary staffing? Is the cost so different

Some executive secretaries are full-time employees, while others are dispatched. Depending on the company policy, it is common for the same occupation to have different employment patterns. Then, in terms of labor costs, what is the difference in costs between regular employees and temporary staffing?



■ What is the market price for regular employee secretaries?

Since the salary is determined according to the salary level of the company you are hiring, it is difficult to say that this is the case. Just as the salary level differs depending on the industry, the salary of the executive secretary will be adjusted accordingly. Also, as a tendency, domestic companies and foreign-affiliated companies may have different salary systems, so their annual income may differ considerably. Especially in the case of a full-time executive secretary of a foreign-affiliated company, the salary is decided based on the experience of the previous job and the wishes of the person when hired, so even if it is the same company's job as an executive secretary However, it is normal for the hired person to have a different annual salary. Therefore, the average salary can only be paid in a rough amount. The range of annual income of those who work as executive secretaries tends to be wide, ranging from 5 million yen to 10 million yen for both domestic and foreign companies.


■ What is the market price for dispatching executive secretaries?

In the case of temporary work, you will be working on an hourly wage. The average hourly wage is between 1,500 and 2,500 yen. If you work overtime to this hourly wage, the hourly wage for overtime will be added. Assuming that you work as a temporary worker with an hourly wage of 2,500 yen and you do not work overtime, your annual income will be about 5 million. The hourly wage of 2,500 yen falls into the high category as a dispatched executive secretary, so there is a possibility that you are a person with considerable skills, experience, and language skills. Considering that, hiring temporary staff may be very beneficial in terms of labor costs.


■ Full-time employee? Dispatch? Choose the right one for your company

When hiring an executive secretary as an employee, the estimated annual income is about 5 to 10 million as mentioned above. Insurance premiums such as welfare pension and health insurance, welfare expenses, bonuses, etc. will be added separately, so it will cost more than this. When hiring for temporary staffing, various insurance premiums and welfare expenses will be borne by the temporary staffing company, so it is sufficient to consider a budget of about 5 million per year. Certainly, in terms of labor costs, we can see that there is a big difference between the two. However, it also has the role of an executive secretary who must be an employee, such as handling confidential information. Companies considering hiring will need to carefully scrutinize their work and decide what form of employment to hire, not just in terms of cost.





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