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■Officer driver dispatch service! 3 such merits!

■Officer driver dispatch service! 3 such merits!

It seems that there are various things that can happen when a dispatched professional driver is appointed as an officer driver. You may be able to hear valuable opinions while communicating in various ways. I tried to summarize what kind of good things can be done when welcoming a dispatched driver.



■ Creating a comfortable in-house environment

The dispatched driver is, so to speak, an outsider. Therefore, you may be able to hear valuable opinions while communicating in various ways. This is because, in the case of a dispatched driver, he may also be a driver of another company, or he may have been dispatched to another company. They will talk to you as much as they can tell you, so maybe the executives of your customers will tell you what to eat. Also, if you communicate with sales people who are active every day in company cars, you will be able to get information on loopholes that everyone did not know, and it seems that conversation will be lively. If you get along well with the dispatched driver, the atmosphere in the workplace will be fun.


■ Conversational ability to read the air

Dispatched drivers are trained in their own company, not only in driving ability but also in business etiquette and conversation ability. Therefore, the driver has excellent conversation ability and speaks so as not to offend people. We don't talk too much, we listen carefully to what our customers say, and we are trained to keep confidentiality. Also, the more experienced drivers are, the more experienced drivers will be able to talk to different people. The dispatched driver has a keen observation ability, so the longer you have a relationship, the deeper your understanding of the person will be, and the more you will be able to read the air and have a conversation.


■ Familiarize yourself with the route to your destination

Dispatched drivers are thoroughly trained in their company on how to deal with geography, road closures, and how to avoid traffic jams. They are educated to handle any situation. Its capacity may exceed the performance of the navigation system installed in the car. This seems to be refined not only by the results of the training but also by accumulating daily work experience. Also, because they have a keen observation ability, they often notice small changes even if they are on the same road. Therefore, I always get the latest information such as the new convenience store and the line up at that ramen shop. Therefore, it is possible to quickly respond to requests such as an officer suddenly wanting to eat and want to go to a restaurant.





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