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■What is the difference in ability between executive drivers, men and women?

■What is the difference in ability between executive drivers, men and women?

When considering hiring an executive driver, if you had the choice of a male driver or a female driver, you might be wondering which is better. Which is better? I summarized the characteristics of male drivers and female drivers.



■ Is driving ability and a sense of stability attractive? Male driver

There has always been a strong image that men are good at driving a car. This seems to be the case because men generally have more opportunities and time to drive a car. However, if you become a driving professional like a dispatched driver, the story is different. Now it seems that both men and women have the same driving skills. However, if you panic, men may be able to deal with it a little more calmly. Male drivers tend to re-schedule relatively calmly and logically, even if there is a sudden change in schedule. Also, as a male-specific tendency, mood may always appear to be stable. That sense of stability may lead to a sense of security for the officers on board.


■ Is the calm atmosphere attractive? Female driver

Recently, women have been actively expanding into society, and the driver industry is no exception. Many people are active as professional drivers. Isn't that driving skill comparable to men? Now that driving skills are on a par with men, what is the unique appeal of female drivers? It may be a calm atmosphere that is always full of kindness. Even if you open and close the door, you will feel graceful and kind as a woman. If you feel like it, you may have a lively conversation within the company. If the officer is a man, the female driver will be in a good mood and the mouth will be loose. The appeal of female drivers is that they create such a calm atmosphere.


■ Judging by personality and characteristics rather than looking at gender!

It turned out that men are likely to have a sense of stability as men, and women are likely to have a warm atmosphere full of tenderness. Both men and women are likely to have their own good points. Also, as already introduced, there is no difference in driving skills between men and women when they are professional drivers these days. If you are learning business etiquette and knowledge of road conditions through training, it seems that there is not much difference between men and women. So what exactly should we choose based on? In the end, isn't it the human nature of the driver? If you become a welcome driver, you will meet every day from the morning. It is best to choose a person who can be casually attentive without being unpleasant even when talking, and it can be said that the humanity of that person is more important than men and women.





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