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■Who can have a good conversation with a secretary? !

■Who can have a good conversation with a secretary? !

What kind of person is an ideal secretary? The point is to be considerate of your boss casually and to support your boss so that he can work smoothly and comfortably. For that purpose, I summarized what kind of things should be emphasized when choosing a secretary.



■ Can you speak positively with respect?

Isn't the role of the secretary to make the other person talk comfortably? If you have that ability, you will be able to listen to the other person's story well and build a smooth relationship. If you can hear what you really mean, you will be able to see if your boss will be able to work comfortably. To that end, it is important to be a person who has the ability to hear with respect without denying what the boss says. Thorough training is required to improve communication skills, but communication skills are the first step as a secretary, and it is the field that the secretary dispatching company should focus on most, and the requester also has the highest expectations. Is to do.


■ Can you talk to the other person without giving a one-sided explanation?

Another important thing for the secretary is to listen to her boss. By taking the stance of listening to what your boss has told you, you may be able to see problems that you couldn't see. For that, it is desirable to have a person who speaks at the pace of his boss, not a secretary who speaks at his own pace. Also, I would like you to have a technique to match the topic well so that your boss can talk comfortably. Building a relationship of trust that allows you to talk comfortably with your boss will allow your boss to give more carefree opinions and help your secretary properly support your boss. As a dispatch secretary, you will always be conscious of such techniques by thoroughly training at a staffing agency.


■ Can you talk with the other person's eyes?

Eye contact is very important for smooth conversation with people. When talking and listening, it is important to keep an eye on the other person's eyes when communicating. Diverting your eyes can be perceived as unconfident in your remarks or, in the worst case, lying. If you talk while looking closely at the other person's facial expressions, you can understand the other person's reaction, so you can communicate smoothly. It also has the advantage that it is easy to convey your favor to the other party. On the other hand, if you make proper eye contact while listening to the other person's story, it will also lead to the appeal that you are listening to your story. When requesting, you may be able to work smoothly if you ask for a dispatch secretary who can make such eye contact.





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