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■Do you know? The difference between a dispatched secretary and an employee secretary!

■Do you know? The difference between a dispatched secretary and an employee secretary!

What is the difference between working as a secretary for temporary staffing and working as a secretary for regular employment such as employees? I have summarized the main differences in terms of treatment, job content, experience and required skills to get this job.



■ You don't need a qualification to become a secretary! Become a secretary from an in-house career

When working as a temporary worker, the scope of work is often predetermined, and there are not many major changes in job content. In the case of employees, they may change departments, and their roles and responsibilities may change. We need to be flexible in responding to changes in the company. You may have to start a new study of a language that you didn't need before, or you may have to acquire a qualification related to your work. Some of the employees who work as secretaries have had different jobs in other departments. Some people applied because there was an in-house recruitment. In addition, there are many people who have been judged to be suitable in their work so far and have taken up the job of secretary when there are vacancies due to retirement. Few companies require special qualifications to work as a secretary. Since companies do not need to be educated from the beginning, they tend to focus more on relationships, business knowledge, and experience within the company they have cultivated, rather than qualifications.


■ Register with a temporary agency! The dispatch secretary is convenient in terms of both cost and deadline

Those who work by temporary staffing will be registered with the temporary staffing company and will be introduced to various companies through the temporary staffing company. You are not fixed to one destination, and you may be able to gain work experience in companies of various industries and sizes. Once the company to which you are dispatched is decided, the renewal period will be set based on the contract. Usually, the contract is one month, three months, or half a year, and it will be continued while renewing each contract. The main reasons for hiring a dispatched secretary at a company are often that employees are absent from work due to illness or injury, or are substitutes during maternity or childcare leave. Occasionally, you will be dispatched to specialize in a limited-time project. Therefore, the dispatch period also varies. In some cases, such contracts do not have a fixed deadline. Within the scope of the law, we may work at the same dispatched company while renewing each contract for a long period of time.


■ Labor costs are definitely better to hire by dispatch than to hire as a full-time employee! ?

The company also has various aspects depending on its business performance, and the problem of labor costs is one of the important matters in the management of the company. Still, we must secure the necessary human resources. When the company is in a fluid situation, it may be one way to hire temporary staff by using a temporary staffing company. When labor costs are tight, it is likely that labor costs can be curtailed by replacing some occupations with these forms of employment. The job of a secretary is clear because even a temporary staffing company has a lot of experienced personnel. If you want to reduce labor costs, you may want to consider requesting a temporary staffing agency.





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