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■Verification! Is it true that many secretaries are beautiful?

■Verification! Is it true that many secretaries are beautiful?

It is said that many secretaries are beautiful. Is that true? Some may be wondering if there is any reason if it is true. So, I will tell you why there are so many beautiful women in the secretary.



■ Are there really many beautiful women in the first place?

The secretary does not have accurate statistics on whether there are really many beautiful women, and the definition of beautiful women is not clear. Therefore, it is difficult to show with a clear basis whether there are really many beautiful women. However, I often hear that the secretary of the company's president often feels beautiful, and the secretaries of other companies often feel beautiful. In general, few people argue that a secretary is a beautiful woman. The reason may be that many people have experienced that the secretary they actually saw was a beautiful woman, but also because they did not feel uncomfortable with the secretary they saw. It is thought that the reason why many secretaries are said to be beautiful is that they do not receive negative evaluations from people as well as positive evaluations.


■ Do you like the person in charge?

Even though many secretaries are beautiful, it is difficult to accurately define them, and each person has different criteria for thinking that they are beautiful. So what are the criteria for a company to hire a beautiful secretary? Is it the preference of the hiring manager or the president himself? Of course, it is undeniable that the taste is reflected to some extent. When deciding to hire not only by appearance but also by overall impression, it is possible to give high marks to appearances that have a certain tendency unconsciously. Therefore, it is possible that different companies have different types of female receptionists and secretaries. However, recruiters may not be hiring to their liking. At least consciously, you think it's the job of the hiring manager to choose someone who looks good for the company, that is, who makes a good impression on many people.


■ What is company branding?

When hiring a secretary, the hiring manager hires someone who looks good to many people. So why do secretarial recruiters prioritize sealing their tastes and making a good impression on people outside the company? The reason is to improve the brand image of the company. If the company building is tattered, the customer will feel "OK, this company", but if it is a new and shiny building, it will give the impression that "it is a company with momentum". In the same way, when someone outside the company sees a beautiful secretary, it gives a pleasant impression, which leads to a positive image of the company. Improving the image of a company is called company branding. Placing a beautiful woman as a secretary is part of the company's branding tactics.





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