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■What skills do you need to become an executive driver?

■What skills do you need to become an executive driver?

Some people want to work as an executive driver, but are wondering if they will do the job. In such cases, try to improve the skills required of executive drivers. Therefore, this time, I will introduce the skills necessary to become an executive driver.



■ Accurate geographic knowledge and safe driving

Officer drivers need to know a lot about the road. Of course, you need to know it as a route on the map, but that's not enough. This is because the conditions of roads vary depending on the time and time of day. For example, in March, road construction will increase and many roads will not be accessible. There are many roads where the situation changes drastically between morning and noon. For example, near elementary schools, some roads are closed only in the morning. To work as an executive driver, you must have accurate geographic knowledge, including these circumstances. It is also essential to always drive safely. This is because it is a job that affects not only myself but also the lives of officers. Rough driving can cause anxiety and stress for executives. Even when you are in a hurry, it is important to adhere to traffic rules and keep safety first.


■ People who are good at building relationships

One of the skills required for executive drivers is the ability to build good relationships. Many people think that communication is unnecessary because it is a driving job. However, I meet with officers every day, and I often talk to them. In addition, we may deal with related parties who are on board with the officers. Since all of them are high-ranking people, including executives, it can be said that skills to build relationships like entertainment are important. You must understand your role and position and respond appropriately. If you get angry about your language and behavior, you can quickly be replaced by another person. It is important to build a relationship that makes you feel comfortable in the same space.


■ People who can manage their health thoroughly

Being able to manage one's health is also important for executive drivers. Sudden sick leave or late arrival can seriously hinder the work of officers. You may miss a meeting or deal, or your important contract may be ruined. Also, if you feel sick while driving, you will have to stop driving halfway. If you continue to drive forcibly when you are not feeling well, there is a high possibility that you will have an accident. If such a situation occurs, it will bother the officers and damage the company. Therefore, while working as an executive driver, thorough health management is required, such as refraining from drinking alcohol and getting enough sleep.





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