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■What is the communication ability that the secretary knows? Part ①

■What is the communication ability that the secretary knows? Part ①

If you need a secretary, you can arrange a temporary staffing staff. It has the advantage of being cheaper than hiring new employees and educating them as secretaries. I tried to summarize what kind of skills the dispatched secretary has.



■ You can manage and be attentive to the physical condition of officers and bosses! Fineness

Personnel who have been educated as a secretary at a temporary staffing company are educated so that they can concentrate on their work by supporting their boss's work from all aspects. Therefore, while managing the schedule as a matter of course, I always observe the situation of my boss and care about my physical condition casually. To that end, thorough training is provided so that you can maximize your communication skills. You can read what the other person wants from a casual conversation. This is a skill that can only be achieved by having an awareness as a secretary and training as a professional on this road. If necessary, you may have many qualifications such as various certifications.


■ Support officers with smooth management ability!

Dispatched personnel are learning about office management based on the ergonomics that they have cultivated while acquiring certifications such as secretarial certification. With the ability to operate the entire office, it keeps behind the scenes so that the company organization always runs smoothly. I am good at controlling the entire organization because I am training from various perspectives such as paperwork ability and management ability. In addition, since we are learning about accounting in general, we can immediately grasp the flow of money in the company and can handle all the work from accounting to general affairs. In this way, a dispatched secretary with multiple talents will be ready to work from the day they are dispatched.


■ Increase the motivation of executives and bosses to work and enrich the office

Creating an environment where officers and bosses can work comfortably, which is the original role of the secretary, is trained so that the dispatched secretary can naturally learn by learning first. Since all the troublesome document preparation work is handled on your behalf, officers and bosses can be freed from chores and can concentrate on their original work. As a result, executives and bosses are more motivated. When the motivation of executives and bosses rises, it is expected that the morale of the entire company will rise as the surrounding subordinates will be stimulated. In addition, the dispatched secretary may have a wealth of work experience at other companies, which may provide appropriate advice and inspiration to the workplace.





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