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■After all professional! How to acquire the driving skills that you think?

■After all professional! How to acquire the driving skills that you think?

People who are good at driving are more likely to be entrusted with executive drivers. There is a trick to getting executives to think they are good at driving. So this time, I will introduce techniques that make you feel good about driving and parking.



■ Driving Technique-Driving-

Officers are often busy, so don't you think it's best to drive as quickly as possible? However, if you are too rushed, you may think you are a bad driver. If you are in a hurry, the distance between vehicles in front of you tends to be shorter. Please note that if the distance between vehicles is short, the chances of sudden braking will increase. It's also not good to repeat changes to vacant lanes for speed. This is because it gives the officers on board an impatient and unstable impression. Inter-vehicle distance and lane change have a great impact on safety. If you are in a hurry without thinking of rushing more than necessary, it is important to try to shorten the time by selecting a route. If you arrive early even though you are driving safely, you will feel that you are good at driving.


■ Driving technique-Parking-

Some people may have a habit of parking positively in private. However, if you drive a car with an officer, park in the back. Many people are not good at parking in the back, so if you park smoothly, you will get the impression that you are a good driver. Repeating sudden backlashes can easily cause motion sickness, so it is important to calm down and succeed at once. Also, if you park forward, you will have to leave in the back. Departing in the back can be difficult in some cases, and if it takes time, it may irritate the officers. If you have to park positively due to unavoidable circumstances, it is a good idea to park in the back before the officer returns.


■ Tips for being called a good driver

It is important for executive drivers to have their executives feel at ease when driving. Of course, safe driving is necessary for this, but it is also important not to disturb pedestrians and other vehicles. It can be said that the driver is driving on behalf of the officer. Therefore, some officers feel responsible if they bother others. If you do annoying acts that make news, your image of the company will be bad. It is essential to drive with consideration for the surroundings so that it does not happen. For that purpose, it is important to have a firm grasp of the vehicle feeling. It is also necessary to keep in mind not to blow the engine more than necessary and to start the blinker early. Driving with consideration for the surroundings in this way is the key to being a good driver.





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