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■Looking for a dispatched secretary? 3 elements to check!

■Looking for a dispatched secretary? 3 elements to check!

When asking for a secretary to be dispatched, what kind of skills do you care about? We will invite you to come, so you want to avoid mismatches with each other. There are three elements to check.



■ Schedule management and business trip arrangements are perfect! High management ability

What should be noted is the work experience of the dispatch candidate so far. Secretarial work includes group secretaries that support multiple people in a department, and some have experience as an individual secretary. In both cases, it is highly likely that you are doing work such as schedule management and business trip arrangements in your work, but those who supported multiple people experienced a lot of such work. I tend to be. In addition, if you work in a sales department, there are many business trip arrangements, meetings with customers, meetings, etc., so it will be a point to check that as well.


■ Thorough attention to customers! A secretary who can act proactively

When working as a secretary, the qualities of being attentive, caring, and having high communication skills are essential points. However, this will not be known until you actually work together. So how do you know? It is also necessary to infer such skills that are difficult to identify immediately from the experience of dispatch candidates. People with personal secretarial experience and support experience in the upper management of the company are often required to always be one step ahead of their work. If you have a lot of experience in secretarial work in this way, it is highly likely that you can ask with confidence.


■ Is it OK to leave the creation of materials? Office software skills

One of the important elements of a secretary's skill is computer skill. There are various types of software for business, and it seems that many people use it every day, but business efficiency will differ dramatically depending on whether they are accustomed to the operation or not. Whether or not you can master these will be a very important point in hiring. Some software has certification tests. If you are a qualified person, you have enough confidence to judge that there is no problem in your work. It could be a key point in hiring decisions. In addition, there are spreadsheet software and presentation creation software in the work, but it is good to check what kind of materials were created in the work experience of the dispatch candidate. If you are in the sales department, you can make some guesses, such as having a lot of experience in creating presentation materials.





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