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■How to become an executive driver in the first place?

■How to become an executive driver in the first place?

I think there are people who want to be executive drivers but don't know the specific method. There is more than one way to become an executive driver. There are also methods unique to executive drivers. So this time, I will introduce what kind of method is available.



■ Apply for a job offer / recruitment project

A common way to become an executive driver is to apply for a job or recruitment. Search for information published in job change information magazines and job change sites, and submit your resume. There is often an interview after the document screening. It is essential to have a driver's license as a condition of employment, and it may be advantageous if you have a lot of driving experience. Especially if you have a lot of driving experience in the area where the company you are applying for, you will get a positive evaluation because you are familiar with geography. Another point is the small history of accidents and violations. Traffic rules and safe driving are very important for executive drivers. If you repeat accidents and violations before applying, you will be less likely to be hired. Selection will be judged comprehensively through resumes and interviews.


■ Internal transfer at the company where you are employed

In some cases, a person hired as a sales position becomes an executive driver due to an internal transfer. Some people make a request to move, but some people move according to corporate policy. One example is when you remain in a company after retirement and work as a part-time employee. If the previous job does not have a post-retirement position, you will be assigned another job. There are cases where an officer driver is presented as an option at that time. As an officer driver, there are many officers who want an elderly person in the company. One of the reasons is that he has more driving experience than young people, but also because he has a long experience working in the same industry. It is desirable for executive drivers to be good at etiquette and familiar with the common sense and customs of the industry.


■ Introduction from acquaintance

Some people are introduced by acquaintances to become executive drivers. Although it is less than general recruitment and recruitment, there are cases where an acquaintance of an officer who is looking for an officer driver introduces him. This method only applies to people with such connections, but it is likely to be adopted when introduced. You may be interviewed after being referred, but often only a simple confirmation is required. This is because the hiring method is based on the credit of the referrer and the referrer. Therefore, both the referrer and the referrer must be careful. Introducing inappropriate people can be a nuisance to executives and companies. If the person who is introduced is also working loosely, there is a risk of causing trouble not only to the officers and companies but also to the person who introduced them.





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