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■The reality of the daily life cycle of executive drivers!

■The reality of the daily life cycle of executive drivers!

What kind of day would you spend if you were dispatched to work as an executive driver? Are working hours irregular? What about overtime? Some people are curious about it. Let's take a look at the life cycle of how executive drivers live.



■ Main driver's wake-up time and how to spend the morning

Although the working hours of officers and drivers vary slightly depending on the dispatch contractor, they are generally restricted from 9 am to 6 pm, 9 hours including 1 hour break. The wake-up time will be adjusted to the start time of work, but in the morning you must have enough time to inspect and clean the vehicle. In particular, cleaning should always keep the inside of the car clean so that the officers can spend as much comfort as possible. Therefore, it seems that many people get up early. When the car is in good condition, put it in place. If you are asked to go to work before working hours, you need to wake up at that time. In the morning after the transfer of officers, we will perform simple cleaning and checking inside the car.


■ The main way of spending the afternoon of the driver

Depending on where you are dispatched, you may have some free time to spend the afternoon. It is also possible to take a break or a nap in the workplace where there is a driver's waiting room. Sometimes you can chat with your fellow drivers over a cup of tea, read a magazine, or play on your smartphone. On the other hand, there are times when the schedule of visits is full in the afternoon, and when officers have an appointment for a night banquet, they may have to wait hours in the car until the banquet is over. There are days when the officers are sent to their homes at midnight, and then the work is finally completed after cleaning and inspecting the inside of the car, and it is difficult to manage their physical condition when working hours become irregular. Furthermore, although the schedule of officers is decided in advance, there are many cases where the car is suddenly released in the afternoon. The way the executive driver spends the afternoon seems to have plenty of breaks, but it can also be said to be time to prepare for a sudden job or an evening transfer.


■ Driver's work end time and bedtime

If the officer's schedule is as determined in advance, the business end time will be the fixed time agreed in the contract. There may be some work left to do, such as filling out daily reports and cleaning the car, but overtime work is rare. Therefore, there is plenty of time at night. However, it is the job of the executive driver to stay on top of it. Sometimes you have to answer a sudden night call. For example, due to a sudden trouble with a business partner, a call may come in after the business is completed. In this way, bedtime is not usually irregular, but if a sudden situation occurs, the work end time will be considerably delayed, so bedtime will extend to midnight. Let's do it.





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