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■What are the disadvantages of hiring executive drivers in-house?

■What are the disadvantages of hiring executive drivers in-house?

The job of an officer driver is mainly to transfer officers. There is a method of hiring in-house and a method of receiving dispatch service, but more and more companies are choosing dispatch service instead of hiring in-house. Introducing a number of disadvantages when adopting in-house.



■ It is necessary to carry out from recruitment to education in-house

One of the disadvantages of hiring an executive driver in-house is that the company has to take care of everything from hiring drivers to training and training. Hiring an experienced executive driver will make the education and training part a little easier, but finding such personnel will be difficult. In addition, executive drivers are also required to be compatible with executives and the personality of the driver himself, so finding the right person can be a daunting task. Of course, lowering the hurdles at the hiring stage will make hiring activities easier. For example, we will expand the scope of hiring not only to those who have experience in executive driving but also to those who have experience in business driving such as taxis. However, this makes it difficult to educate as an executive driver. If you want to avoid these disadvantages, it is better to use the driver dispatch service.


■ It is necessary to always secure personnel

The second disadvantage of in-house hired executive drivers is that it is difficult to always secure the necessary personnel. Officers' schedules are often overcrowded and move frequently. You may also suddenly need to use an officer's car due to an unplanned schedule. For such a case, it is necessary to have an officer driver resident. In the case of a large company where many officers use cars, it is necessary to always secure multiple officer drivers, but there is a risk that they will not be available due to the retirement or physical condition of the drivers. I can't say I'm sick today and I don't have a driver. This kind of thing can be solved by using the driver dispatch service.


■ Driver's accident responsibility must be borne by the company

The third disadvantage of self-employed drivers is that the company must be responsible for the driver's accident. An executive driver should be able to drive a car with high technology as a driving professional, but since he is a human being, he can make mistakes, so the possibility of accidents while driving is not zero. Accidents while picking up officers will be treated as accidents that occurred during work. In that case, the company will be liable for the accident. The disadvantage is that you are not freed from the risk of an accident, and it takes time and effort to find the appropriate automobile insurance in-house. In that respect, if you use the temporary staffing service instead of hiring yourself, you will not have an accident caused by an employee at work, and you will be able to avoid taking all responsibility.





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