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■If you hire by dispatch! How to identify a proper interview for a driver

■If you hire by dispatch! How to identify a proper interview for a driver

Now is the time to hire executive car drivers by dispatch. However, I'm worried about leaving the driving to someone who doesn't know what kind of person it is. How can you tell the driver's aptitude? This time, I will introduce what points you should keep in mind during the interview.



■ Sudden absenteeism is NG! Diligence

One of the merits of using temporary staffing is that "when and as much as you need". To put it the other way around, it doesn't make sense if you can't use it when you need it. First, make sure you have a solid sense of professionalism in your work. Absence without permission is out of the question, but as a member of society, make sure that you are a member of society, such as how much you manage your physical condition on a daily basis and whether you are punctual. It is even better to have diligence, such as learning the way and studying the business of the company you are hired on a regular basis.


■ Closed room while driving! Whether you have the ability to communicate with people

While driving, the time I spend alone with the driver is more uncomfortable than I expected. In the car, you often use your smartphone to work or check materials, but on the other hand, the inside of the car is a little break time between work. You may discover new ideas and discoveries by slightly switching your work brain here. In such a case, a smart driver will call out at the right time. A person with high communication skills is not a person who is good at speaking, but a person who can read the "between" of the other person. It is a so-called "person who can read the air". When you don't want to talk, you keep silent, and when you want to take a break, you go out with a light conversation. I would like to choose a driver with such ability.


■ Whether you have a drinking habit or a fighting habit

Finally, make sure you don't have a drinking habit. I'm not saying it's bad to drink, but the driver and alcohol are the most incompatible combination. As a result of drinking too much the day before, alcohol remained and I was caught by drunk driving ... I can not see it. It is out of the question for those who are drunk and indiscriminately violent or who have a fighting habit from the beginning. Basically, it is safer to choose a person who does not drink alcohol. If not, people who can drink only on holidays and people who can drink alcohol with moderation are good. If you fail to select a driver, it will have a negative effect on you, so you should be very careful.





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