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■If you hire an executive secretary! 3 skills to check

■ If you hire an executive secretary! 3 skills to check

When hiring an executive secretary, you need to make sure that you have the skills to do the job. It's not impossible to develop talented people after hiring, but it can be time consuming and costly. Introducing the skills required of executive secretaries.



■ Think about things from a high perspective and support officers

The first skill required of an executive secretary is to be able to think about things from a high perspective and support the executives. A high perspective can be easily understood by imagining two perspectives. The first is the perspective of management and the perspective of business. Since executives are at the forefront of management, supporting operations are often important tasks that affect management, so always check your skills to think about things from the perspective of management. The second is the perspective of human relationships. You need to determine if you can trust the person before you talk to the officers. Also, I would like to check that after understanding the human relationships surrounding the officers, I definitely know who to contact in advance and proceed with the work.


■ Attention at food, drinks, meetings, and banquets

The second thing to check when hiring an executive secretary is your attentive skills, especially your ability to be attentive at eating, drinking, meetings, and banquets. At restaurants and banquets where officers attend in relation to business, even if it seems that they are talking about things that are not related to business at first glance, the attendees observe each other and show their seriousness and humanity to the project. Confirming. Executive secretaries need to have the ability to ensure that such stage meetings proceed smoothly. In particular, when it comes to entertaining people, it is necessary to avoid situations that hinder business as a result of choosing a place, food, etc., and provide topics so that attendees do not feel uncomfortable during the banquet. It is also necessary to consider such things as. It is also necessary to take measures including arrangements for return transportation, accounting, and thank-you after the end. If you're hiring as an executive secretary, it's a good idea to check if you can do this well.


■ We will handle complaints and troubles!

The third thing to check when hiring an executive secretary is the ability to respond to complaints and troubles. Officers collect a lot of information every day, which may include complaints. Instead of just reporting the content to the officers, it is necessary to have the ability to properly grasp the actual situation, raise the report, and respond well in good faith without exciting the other party of the complaint. In addition, it is possible that you will be entrusted with collecting the troubles that occur from the officers. Even in such a case, it is necessary to have the skill to calmly analyze the situation and solve the problem in the shortest distance. It is difficult to find human resources with these skills, but it can be said that it is important for the hiring side to carefully judge the necessary skills before hiring.





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