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■Advantages and disadvantages of using a dispatched driver

■Advantages and disadvantages of using a dispatched driver

What kind of means is there to have a driver as an officer-only car? Many large companies have their own dedicated drivers, but the focus is now on dispatching drivers. Here, let's look at both the advantages of using temporary staffing and the disadvantages behind it.



■ Advantages of dispatching drivers

First of all, the biggest advantage that the company can get by using temporary staffing is cost reduction. You can get a driver at an overwhelmingly cheaper price than preparing a dedicated driver by hiring yourself. In the case of in-house employment, of course, bonuses, retirement allowances, welfare programs, etc. must be prepared, and human resource development costs for driver education are high. Considering these, it can be seen that a large amount of money will be required to hire one exclusive driver, but dispatching does not require payment other than the fixed fee. Overall, it seems that expenses are often about half of the company's employment. In addition, if you are dispatched to manage attendance or sudden absenteeism, they will respond promptly. The drivers who come by dispatch are basically professional drivers with abundant practical experience, so it can be said that the advantage of dispatch is that the quality of the driver is kept constant.


■ Disadvantages of dispatching drivers

There are many advantages to using temporary staffing, but of course there are also disadvantages. Due to the characteristics of an officer's car even when dispatched, employee training is thorough so that strict regulations such as confidentiality can be observed, but even so, drivers who hire themselves and set their own regulations and educate them are more reliable. Needless to say. From the perspective of reducing the risk of information leakage from the company, dispatching is more risky. In addition, although it is attractive that the fee is cheap, dispatching may be more expensive than in-house employment depending on the driver's restraint time. In-house employment may result in cheaper if the executive car is in operation on a daily basis, or if it is in operation most of the day.


■ Summary of advantages and disadvantages of dispatching drivers

We have seen the advantages and disadvantages of dispatching, but how about it? In many small and medium-sized enterprises, the opportunity for executive vehicles to operate is generally about half a month, so dispatching is basically cheaper. There are various ways to use executive cars depending on the company. It is a good idea to comprehensively consider the advantages and disadvantages mentioned here and select a driver that suits your company's usage.





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