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■Is it okay to ask for shopping? What is the scope of work of executive drivers?

■Is it okay to ask for shopping? What is the scope of work of executive drivers?

It is common for large companies to own an executive car and hire an executive driver. What is worrisome is the scope of work of executive drivers. For example, is it okay to ask for shopping? Therefore, we have summarized the scope of work of executive drivers.



■ Basic work is from driving to vehicle management

First, let's understand that the basic duties of an officer driver are from driving to vehicle management. The day's work begins with the pick-up at the officer's home. At night, they are often delivered to their homes after dinner. You can also request work on holidays when an officer goes to a business partner or has golf. In addition to safe driving, vehicle management is also important to maintain the image of an officer's vehicle. Regardless of whether the car is stored indoors or not, it is also a business to keep it shiny at all times. In addition to performing start-up inspections and maintenance before leaving the car in the morning, it is also the driver's job to pay close attention to dirt inside and outside the car. When officers do not use the car, it is common to have them wait in the driver's waiting room.


■ Some chores can be done

An executive driver is the job of supporting an executive through driving a car. In addition, since we often guide officers to our business partners, it is ideal for someone who can build good relationships with them. In general, younger hires may be better, but for this industry, some older people are preferable. The work content varies from company to company, but you can ask for some chores. For example, you may have an officer wait in the parking lot while shopping, or you may have an officer do the shopping for you. By the way, "exclusive driver" may include "general affairs / miscellaneous work included" and "shopping / outing transfer to central Tokyo", so please contact the temporary staffing company before requesting. It's a good idea to consult.


■ In case of dispatch, let's consult with the dispatch company

Having an officer's car is not only convenient for officers to carry out their daily work, but it is also important for maintaining a good image externally. In addition, the form of hiring temporary staff who can request only when necessary to save costs is attracting attention. We recommend that you consult with the temporary staffing agency regarding the specific work content. In addition, since the work content is also posted in the company guide for dispatching executive drivers, it can be used as a reference when considering a request. You can request a driver from a short term to a long term, but if you have many opportunities to use an officer's car, you have the option of hiring a dedicated driver. This is because there is a possibility that it will be more profitable in terms of cost, and there are also great advantages such as establishing a relationship of trust with the driver.





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