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■Think about the health management of executive drivers

■Think about the health management of executive drivers

Officer drivers must avoid accidents when picking up officers. Therefore, it can be said that safe driving is important. However, health management is also important for the work of executive drivers. Therefore, let's take a look at the health examinations that executive drivers receive.



■ About the health checkup of dispatched drivers

Officers If there is a problem with the driver's health, it often leads to an accident. This can pose a danger to the officers. Officers and drivers must take care of officers' safety when picking up and dropping off, so they must manage their health condition. Therefore, if you engage in this work, you will be required to undergo a medical examination by the company at least once a year. The health checkup will be done at a medical institution designated by the company. It measures height, weight, blood pressure, and tests blood, urine, and electrocardiogram. Symptoms that can easily lead to an accident while driving a car include impaired consciousness, seizures due to epilepsy, and heart disease. Therefore, blood pressure values ​​and the presence or absence of abnormalities in the electrocardiogram will be of particular importance in health examinations.


■ About health checkups when operating at night

Officers' schedules are often scheduled late at night. Therefore, the officer driver may operate at night to pick up and drop off the officer. However, if a person is active late at night, the body clock will become abnormal. As a result, the circulatory system is vulnerable to functional deterioration and various diseases. People who operate at night are in an environment that tends to be unhealthy, so we must work harder to manage our health. The Occupational Safety and Health Law stipulates that a person engaged in work must undergo a health examination at least once every six months at midnight. Therefore, executive drivers who operate at night will have to undergo a medical examination at least twice a year.


■ Summary

Health problems cause car accidents. In some cases, it could be a serious accident that could be fatal. Many of the people who work as executive drivers tend to be middle-aged and older. As people grow older, problems arise in different parts of their bodies. Therefore, it is a matter of course for executive drivers to undergo a medical examination and manage their health in order to carry out their duties safely. Officers and drivers undergo a medical examination at least once a year at the company. Where the service operates at night, you must have a medical examination at least twice a year. In terms of being aware of your health condition on a daily basis, it is preferable to have a medical examination at least twice a year. It is also important to make sure to manage your physical condition on a daily basis, not just when you receive a medical examination.





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