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■What kind of driver should an executive driver choose? 3 elements

■What kind of driver should an executive driver choose? 3 elements

Officers and drivers play an important role in transporting company executives and presidents. I want you to be a reliable person. Recently, there is a dispatch service, but what kind of person should I choose? This time, I would like to introduce three points to note when choosing an officer driver.



■ Thorough education! Good at compassion and courtesy

First, let's check the employee education system of the temporary staffing service company. Since the trust of the dispatched company is important, there are almost no places where we are not cutting corners in employee education. However, the content of education varies. Driving a car is not the only job that executive drivers are required to do. Rather, it may even be said that it is only ancillary work. The main part of the executive driver is dealing with passengers. Is it possible to take appropriate measures for hospitality etiquette, superiors, and their customers? In short, it is important that the entire company provides such education.


■ Thorough privacy! Keep your secret

Whether or not you can keep your secret is also an indispensable point. Officers and drivers carry people who play an important role in companies. There are many people out there who want to know where and what they are doing. In addition, unexpected information may come in during conversations exchanged in the car. It is the executive driver who is in a position to obtain the information that such a person wants to know. However, it is illegal for any job to share the information that you have learned in your job with someone else. Adhering to the socially common rules is the minimum etiquette and the foundation for building trust.


■ Continued service provision to customers! Good health care

An element that you want to check if you can manage your own physical condition. Not only the ability as a driver, but also the manners of hospitality are solid. If you are such a driver, you probably have a lot of work to do. But what if you were loose in time? That person's value will probably be less than a tenth. In that sense, it is important to be able to manage your physical condition. Of course, the temporary staffing company will be able to handle sudden absenteeism. However, when welcoming important customers, there are many uncertainties with drivers who have never met, and many people will never be able to leave it to them with confidence. Therefore, good physical condition management is also one of the abilities of executive drivers.





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